“Written in the Ashes” by K. Hollan Van Zandt

Written In the Ashes by K. Hollan Van Zandt Publisher: Harper Collins (Nov. 29, 2016) Category: Historical Fiction Tour Dates: May-June, 2017 ISBN: 978-0062673688 ASIN: B01CY3A8X4 Available in: Print & ebook,  554Pages “Written in the Ashes is one of those rare novels that sets ‘history’ afire, to bathe readers in the glow of a greater, hotter truth. Fans of The Mists of Avalon will find this romantic/alchemical/feminist/spiritual epic equally … Continue reading “Written in the Ashes” by K. Hollan Van Zandt

Traci Sanders: On Indie Publishing

Traci Sanders is a multi-genre, multi-award-winning author of ten published titles, with contributions to three anthologies. An avid blogger and supporter of Indie authors, she writes parenting, children’s, romance, and nonfiction guides. Her ultimate goal is to provide great stories and quality content for dedicated readers, whether through her own writing or editing works by other authors.  TIP 289: Ten ways authors can strengthen the Indie … Continue reading Traci Sanders: On Indie Publishing

Ghostly Writes Anthology: Get Your Halloween Chills and Thrills in This Spooky Collection

It’s fall and there is something about the season that is inherently eerie. Perhaps it is the trees losing their leaves as the temperature falls. Often it is colder and rainier. The sun sets earlier and the nights are longer. As a child walking home from school I was conscious of leaves crackling under my shoes and my breath creating small ghosts that blew out … Continue reading Ghostly Writes Anthology: Get Your Halloween Chills and Thrills in This Spooky Collection

Books by London Starr

Author Name: LaToya Wilson/London Starr Book Titles Ileeria: The Chosen One (LaToya Wilson) Ileeria’s Dark Passenger Ileeria’s Sacrifice A Million Dollar Love (London Starr) A Million Dollar Love 2 A Million Dollar Love 3 The Other Man: Dangerous Love and Secrets 1 Genre and Sub-Genre: Fiction; interracial paranormal and interracial romance Book Content Rating:  Adult (18+) Based on language, violence, sexual content. Author Bio LaToya Wilson … Continue reading Books by London Starr

Frank Pickard, Author

Author Bio  Frank Pickard has six books listed on Amazon. Five of his books are novels in e-format and/or paperback. One of the eBooks is a memoir, AMERICAN NOMAD, one is a romance, THE WEIGHT OF GRAVITY, and one is a ghost story titled PHOTOPLASM: A Haunting. Two of the novels are in a series; AMERICAN NOMAD and ISLAND JEWEL. Frank’s latest work of fiction … Continue reading Frank Pickard, Author

“Seven Stops” by Robyn Cain

    Author Bio While in high school, Robyn’s writing dreams budded and waned. Those dreams were rekindled after accomplishing a first class honours degree in English/Writing, and a PGCE.  Robyn went on to complete her Masters in Creative Writing and taught English and creative writing. When she’s not writing, Robyn loses herself watching films and reading; creatively crocheting; baking; pickling; socializing with friends and … Continue reading “Seven Stops” by Robyn Cain

“Rise of the Elohim: The Eyes of Mares” by RockyRochford

Book Title: The Eye of Mares Author Name:  Rocky Rochford Genre and Sub-Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy: Young Adult Book Content Rating:  PG13+   Rocky Rochford is your standard guy, if your standard guy scuba dives, partakes in underwater photographer and is a wake-boarding, adventure seeking, sword collecting, marine conservation supporter. After living life on the road and the places between, he finally settled down but not … Continue reading “Rise of the Elohim: The Eyes of Mares” by RockyRochford

“Unsevered” by Traci Sanders

Author Name:  Traci Sanders Book Title:  When Darkness Breaks and Unsevered Genre and Sub-Genre:  Contemporary Romance / Paranormal Romance Book Content Rating: 18+ *I also write children’s books and non-fiction parenting books   Author Bio Author and mother of three, Traci Sanders has been composing poetry, songs, and children’s stories since the young age of ten. In 2003, she opened her home to young children … Continue reading “Unsevered” by Traci Sanders

Remember the Shadows by K.Caffee

Author Name: K. Caffee Book Title: Remember the Shadows Genre and Sub-Genre:Fantasy/Dark fantasy Book Content Rating:  3 Not PG-13 – Sex in the furtherance of the story but details left to the imagination, mild language BIO Caffee is a full time graduate student who has bowed to the pressures of her muse to get the stories she likes to tell out into the big world. She has … Continue reading Remember the Shadows by K.Caffee

“Robin Hood: Wolf’s Head” by Eric Tanafon

Author Name:  Eric Tanafon Book Title:  Robin Hood: Wolf’s Head Genre and Sub-Genre: Sub-Genre: Fantasy, Historical Fantasy Book Content Rating:  2 PG17+ Some adult situations but no details   BIO Eric Tanafon writes software by day and fiction by night. He lives in New Hampshire with his lovely wife in an 130-year old house. They don’t have any ghosts, but make up for it with … Continue reading “Robin Hood: Wolf’s Head” by Eric Tanafon