Remember the Shadows by K.Caffee

Remember the Shadows

Author Name: K. Caffee

Book Title: Remember the Shadows

Genre and Sub-Genre:Fantasy/Dark fantasy

Book Content Rating:  3 Not PG-13 – Sex in the furtherance of the story but details left to the imagination, mild language

K Caffee


Caffee is a full time graduate student who has bowed to the pressures of her muse to get the stories she likes to tell out into the big world. She has always enjoyed entertaining others with her flights of fancy, and now invites you to come along for the ride. When she is not writing, or studying, she is a willing servant to her two cats who sometimes provide inspiration for her stranger characters.


Nameless has snatched victory from the constant threat of death in the Arenas, but still doesn’t control his freedom. To survive and continue his personal war, he has accepted the position granted by his Arena victory, aiming to leverage his first Silk to build the power base necessary to achieve his goals. Yet fate is not through wreaking havoc and once again he is forced to leave his familiar world.

When the stakes become higher than he ever imagined it would, Nameless has to forsake the Realm he knows to find the core of his new fighting stable. Traveling through a world opposite to what he knows, even the oaths he gave his goddess and himself are tested. Will these obligations protect/shield him from the lure of hope and gentleness enough and will he preserve the culture he finds fault with?


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Remember the Shadows  (Followers of the Torments Book 2) By: K.Caffee

          Nameless was born to fight. He is a slave who has been taught to fight. He has fought in the Arena always a step away from being killed. But he survives and finally escapes the strange but now familiar world of the Arena and ventures out into the wider world. Dragging his Silk, Jarlean, along behind him he seeks to honor The Mother. Nameless is very simple, he speaks almost as a child. But he is not a child and his training and experiences have made him strong and able to survive.

Following Nameless on his journey the reader is introduced to a world where power is paramount and political intrigues are a way of life. In spite of this Nameless remains somehow innocent and truly devoted to Her, The Mother.

This is not a book for a quick easy ready. This is a complex story of a society unfamiliar to most readers. I did not read the first book before embarking on this one so it was a little difficult for me to follow at first. However after the first chapter I had relaxed into the flow of the story and was totally captivated.

Caffee has managed to create an environment that is both disturbing and compelling. The irresistible pull of the characters and the need to follow them as they travel through strange territories is overwhelming.

I intend to go back and read the first book in this unforgettable series, Out of the Darkness and follow up by re-reading this excellent second part. Remember the Shadows is a brilliant and colorfully written story with fascinating characters and a solid plot. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys fantasy, political intrigue, and  a rich landscape of violence and power.


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