Ghostly Writes Anthology: Get Your Halloween Chills and Thrills in This Spooky Collection


It’s fall and there is something about the season that is inherently eerie. Perhaps it is the trees losing their leaves as the temperature falls. Often it is colder and rainier. The sun sets earlier and the nights are longer.

As a child walking home from school I was conscious of leaves crackling under my shoes and my breath creating small ghosts that blew out with my breath and rose into the gray late afternoon sky. The scent of wood burning in fireplaces tickled my nose. As the sun set people hurried along the streets with their coat collars turned up against the chilling winds, pink cheeks peeping out above scarves.

When I was invited to share a ghost story in this anthology I jumped at the opportunity. Fall is my favorite season. I love the look of it, the smell of it, and the flavor of it; hot cocoa, fresh baked cookies, warm in my hand and sweet on my tongue. Reaching back to my childhood I recalled the old Irish tales my mother shared and found the perfect elements for my story.

There are twenty-seven stories and two poems in this collection. Each one is unique and well-written. I hope you will enjoy reading them as much as we authors enjoyed sharing them. Assembled by Plaisted Publishing House it is available as an e-book on some sites now. Best of all it will be FREE! Currently it is only $.99 on Kindle! You won’t want to miss this anthology of ghostly tales from authors around the world.

Available on Kindle

Ghostly Writes

A Collection of Short Stories

Ghostly Writes on YouTube

Demonic Revelry – A Poem – Kyrena Lynch

A Dying Scream “The wraith’s skin began to wrinkle and crack as Red sucked his essence from him…”- J G Clay

Cabins “Be careful the route you choose for it could be the difference between life and getting your head ripped from its shoulders.”- J B Taylor


Caedes “My heart felt like it was going to explode under the stress.” – Adam Mitchell

Canvas “Her voice echoed off the wall of the tomb in quiet hiccups.”- Sarah Mosier

Chaconne “When I got to the last few drawn out, agonizingly extended notes, the specter let out a moan.” – Neil Newton


Death has a Sound “Death has a sound and it sounds like this…Click!”- Rocky Rochford

Embers of Webber Street  “When I was a child I talked to people they couldn’t see.”- Karen J Mossman


Eternally Connected “Molly felt as if the eyes in the portrait bore into her very soul.”– JLC Roche

Ghost in the Machine “I was going to name the file assassin…then it hit me I was removing a ghost and called it…The Exorcist.”- Eve Merrick-Williams


Ghost of a Chance “The face was blurred but the mouth moved frantically though no noise came out.”- Wendy Steele

Haunted House Arrest “She spun around to face the vision of madness”- Jennifer Deese


Hello Dear “Ten minutes earlier she had been viciously hoovering the floor, pulling the cleaner backwards and forwards with quick, angry jerks.” – Stewart Bint

Luella “Voice upon whispered voice assaulted her ears.” – Kyrena Lynch


Mother Called Today “At that moment the fog seemed to part, revealing the intruder like a pair of stage curtains.” – Mike Elliott

Natatorium “You’re going to exorcise me priest? Well good luck with that.”-Adele Marie Park


Play Time “My hand is sticky with blood when I yank it back out and tug the duvet back down to cover the underneath of the bed, and that’s when I hear the child’s laughter again – though this time, it sounds like it’s right in my ear.” – Amy Budd

Ruby Kisses “A jewelry salesman suffers a fate worse than death when he declines to return a stolen ring to its rightful owner.”- Jessica Wren


Sitting on a Cloud “Children can see and feel what we close our mind to.”- C A Keith

Soul Man “The gentle waves rolled his body to the shore waiting to be found….”– Claire Plaisted


Spools of Thread “Two girls inspect a haunted house but nothing is what it seems in this twisty tale.”   – Ashley Uzzell

The Beneficiaries of Secret Cottage “To be named as the beneficiary in a Will, with the chance of being left a fortune, is everyone’s dream; for Scarlet it was the beginning of her nightmare”- Jane Risdon

The Curse of Havencrest “Her tongue lolled out of her mouth, and ghostly saliva dripped to the ground and mingled with the dirt.” – Cayleigh Stickler


The Ghost of Rose Cottage “I moved branches away from dusty flowers covered in cobwebs.” – Marjorie Hembroff

The House on the Hill “The haunting started about 18 months previous, nothing much at first…”– Jim Adams

The Layovers “Her eyes lacked pupils, only displaying only displaying an ivory gateway into her face.”– Ricky Allen, JR.


The Lost Souls “The clouds did seem to take on the shape of ghostly grey horses, dancing and prancing in delight.”– Audrina Lane

The Thin Place “Dark had crept upon the house until the light within struggled against the pressing night outside.” – Elizabeth Horton-Newton


Return to Light – A Poem

Plaisted Publishing House

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