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Frank Pickard
Frank Pickard, PhD 

Author Bio

 Frank Pickard has six books listed on Amazon. Five of his books are novels in e-format and/or paperback. One of the eBooks is a memoir, AMERICAN NOMAD, one is a romance, THE WEIGHT OF GRAVITY, and one is a ghost story titled PHOTOPLASM: A Haunting. Two of the novels are in a series; AMERICAN NOMAD and ISLAND JEWEL. Frank’s latest work of fiction is titled LUNA. It’s a complex mystery/romance/crime sort of novel. Frank lives in Tucson, Arizona. You can find out more about Frank Pickard and his novels on his webpage:

Author Links

Book Cover 2
American Nomad

Genre: Memoir, Coming-of-Age, 1950s Military Family

The late 1950s defined America for a post-war generation. Tract housing was devouring farmland, and rock and roll music was dividing the generations. Disneyland, transistor radios, automobiles and televisions were molding a new American culture, and highways like Route 66 were transforming the country into a nomadic society.

Jewel’s family was moving too, from one military duty station in the Azores to another on the shores of Waikiki, but they had to traverse the American continent to get there. Loaded into the family’s new Chevy Nomad station wagon, they began their three-week journey across an undulating tapestry of quirky relatives, motor hotels, blossoming gas stations, chrome-plated diners, national parks, and the turbulent emotions swirling around their own family.
Writing in his Big Chief tablet, seven-year old Jewel documented their coast-to-coast trip, not realizing that he would change faster than the landscape rushing past his window. Along the way, he’d discover a father with god-like strength and authority, who spared no rods and captained the Nomad like a disciplined soldier, and a porcelain mother who threatened to shatter at the slightest bump in the road. Older brother Charlie was a compass to be admired and revered, but never followed. Deep in the soil of his family, Jewel found his roots and learned to appreciate cousins in ways he’d never imagined. He’d also forge his own rules about life and love and family values at a time when it mattered most.
Now, introspective about the journey, Jewel reflects on the outcome of the events and people who were part of the AMERICAN NOMAD. Where did the road ultimately lead everyone? Did they survive into the future with him, or did fires of their own making consume them, and has time given Jewel greater understanding about the events of that single month in the summer of 1957?
AMERICAN NOMAD has delightful humor, haunting images of sadness and powerful expressions of love.

American Nomad: Buy Here 

Reviews for American Nomad

Frank Pickard did it again. A novel, imitating his life, about a boy traveling across the country to board the SSLurline to Hawaii. An unforgettable journey of an American family: mom, dad, brother and 7 year old Jewel. Even if you didn’t grow up in the 1950’s, you will enjoy the journey when life was simpler.” – Sharon Hicks (Award-winning author)

“I loved reading American Nomad by Dr. Frank Pickard. I couldn’t put this book down. I wanted to see the next step in the families trip across the U.S. I have read all of Dr. Pickard’s books and have enjoyed them very much. I would recommend this book to everyone. Definitely a 5 star book.” – Marianne Feuerstein

Though a 1957 Chevy Nomad station wagon is the vehicle transporting the family, the real nomad of this book is Jewel, a wryly observant young boy who begins his journey into manhood on their cross-country trip. At times hilarious and heart wrenching, ‘American Nomad’ is a complex and compelling tale of familial relationships, how they shape and ultimately define us. A must-read!” – Kelly Morris

“I loved American Nomad, the author takes you on a journey across America through the eyes of a young boy. This honest portrayal of life is a breath of fresh air, it makes me remember what it was like to be a child. Definitely worth reading!” – Sanne

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The Muse COVER
The Weight of Gravity

Genre: Commercial fiction, love story

Given a second chance to follow your heart, will you make the right choice, or are you bound to accept what fate has provided for your life?

Years ago Max Rosen couldn’t escape the provincial world of his hometown fast enough, but time and fame as an award-winning novelist have taught him that he may have left his one true inspiration behind, and her name is Erika Morgan. Cottonwood was where Erika’s life began and where she was certain it would end. In time, convinced that Max would never return, she put aside her love for him and married into a prominent local family with old money.
With his career stalled and haunted by ‘what ifs’, Max is pulled by emotional gravity back to the one person who inspired his love of writing. Does Cottonwood really hold keys to unlocking his sadness, or is he just living out a fantasy from one of his fictional romances?
It all begins … again … when Max Rosen comes home to Cottonwood.

“The Weight of Gravity” Buy Here


The Weight of Gravity is a story about the separate paths of two people . . . once deeply in love with each other. Then life pulled them apart. But years later, the unresolved “what ifs” draw him back to her, to continue where they left off. The Weight of Gravity pulls you in, just like Max is drawn back to Erica. It paints a beautiful, vivid, descriptive story for the reader. You’ll feel the pain and the passion of this love affair. The characters are rich with description and you become emotionally attached to both Max and Erica, hoping for the happy ending they deserve. This book was hard to put down. It grabs you from the very first chapter. I highly recommend this book. It was fantastic!” – Bella Notte

“The Weight of Gravity is a beautifully honest picture of life and love. The reader is captured in the first chapter and not released until the last word. The author has an understanding of people that comes through in these characters and writes in a way that will appeal to those who love good literature. Easily the best work of fiction I’ve read in years, prepare yourself to be charmed!” – SAnne

“I loved the way this story was told. The characters are real and flawed. They are funny and lovable. You cringe for them while hoping for them to work life out. I laughed and cried. This was a great one. Happy reading.” – Karen Sherratt

Photoplasm Final 1

Genre: Commercial fiction, ghost story, paranormal, love story

A photojournalist on assignment for a major publication takes a picture of a stately Victorian home and captures the image of an attractive, turn-of-the-century young minister who begins to haunt every picture she takes anywhere in the world. Caitlin Meyers is drawn deeper into her nightmare and compelled, for her sanity, to unravel the mystery of why the apparition of the holy man is obsessed with following her. Her journey reveals a centuries-old murder mystery and the evil souls that will not rest until more lives are lost or the ghosts are finally put to rest.

Photoplasm Buy Here


“I found this story very intriguing. It was difficult to put it aside to pick up reading later because I found myself caught up in the events as a spectator. I highly recommend Photoplasm.” ~ Arts and Books 

“… part ghost story, and part mystery … a nice read for a lazy Saturday afternoon, and I would gladly read more of Pickard’s work.” ~ Teresa D. for

“This book was fantastic, I could not put it down! I have come to expect great things from the author, and Photoplasm is no exception. Engaging characters and storyline, and a quality of writing I don’t often see. Download this book for your phone or e-reader, you’ll love it!” – SAnne

Genre: Commercial fiction, erotic literature, mystery, crime novel
An incredible story of mystery and raw emotion, murder and passion, all played out against the stunningly beautiful sights and sounds of Hawai’i. Brooklyn Bishop enjoys an idyllic life with a young Polynesian in a secluded plantation home nestled on the edge of a rainforest on Maui’s north coast, but she’s compelled to risk everything to find and destroy four men who committed a horrible crime. Along her dangerous and clandestine journey, an ambitious, overzealous crime novelist named Parker Livingston pursues Brooklyn, determined to find her and unravel the mystery behind Brooklyn’s obsession for revenge. Exotic island living is the backdrop for this amazing story as the reader journeys over the four thousand foot coastal cliffs of Molokai, into the treacherous sea caves of Kaua’i, and across the wild and open prairies of Wyoming and Montana. A must read!

WARNING: Explicit sexual content. Intended for mature, adult readers.

Luna Buy Here


What a story!! Luna grabs you instantly and takes you on an exhilarating journey of murder, intrigue, sex and desire. It is filled with so much crystal clear imagery. Everything from a lush tropical Hawaiian hideaway to the high powered meeting in the heart of the city. You will fall in love with the characters and stay up late turning pages to see what happens next. It draws you in, not wondering who did it . . . but why? Definitely as good as Fifty Shades of Gray and as thrilling as any James Patterson mystery. Luna is a must read!!” – Bella Notte
Definitely had my attention until the end. The characters live beyond the novel. Filled with adventure, crime and sex in Hawaii and the Mainland. Frank Pickard wraps you up within his words and takes you on a great journey. Wonderful to have a great heroine, Brooklyn. Off the wall and determined. GREAT READ!” – Sharon Hicks (Award-winning author)
By the time I had finished the first chapter, I was hooked! Luna is brilliantly written! It captivates the reader with imagery, intrigue, beautiful scenery and language that takes you from the Pacific Northwest to New York to Hawaii!. There were passages I read multiple times because they were so beautifully written that I wanted to “take them in” again and again-pure poetry! This novel is on par with any bestsellers I have read. I am looking forward to reading the rest of Frank Pickard’s body of work! Keep ’em coming!!” – Eileen Perry

jewel final
Island Jewel
Genre: Memoir, Coming-of-Age, Hawaii, 1950s, Military Family
 Second novel in the AMERICAN NOMAD series. Jewel and his family board the 1950’s luxury liner Lurline for the continuation of their journey to Territorial Hawaii and island living; first at Hickam Air Force Base on the banks of Pearl Harbor, then into the suburb of Pearl City before moving to the lush sugar cane fields of Aiea Heights. Jewel learns to surf Waianae and Barber’s Point, roams the bustling streets of Waikiki and struggles when his beloved brother moves to a boarding school on another island.

The writing is simply compelling pulling the reader along for the journey of Jewel’s coming of age. At moments I identified so closely with dysfunctional family struggles, the magnetic attraction flipped pushing me to put the book down. But even with the book closed the author’s strong voice and imagery call for you to bravely glimpse back into the alcoholic fueled family arc. A sad joyful journey I would recommend for all.” – Todd Poelstra
I so enjoyed reading Island Jewel. I grew up in the same time period that this book was written about, so I really enjoyed the adventures of this family. I read American Nomad before reading Island Jewel, so it was so interesting to read the rest of the story when the family got to Hawaii. Frank was very descriptive in his writing. Have read 3 of Frank Pickard’s books so far and am currently reading another of his books. Frank is a great author and I look forward to more of his books.” – Marianne Feuerstein
This story of young Frank’s life growing up in Hawaii will tug at your heartstrings. It is a story of unimaginable determination and resourcefulness of a boy who seemed to possess wisdom beyond his years. The author writes with vivid description so you can’t help but feel the raw emotion of life in the Pickard household. As with Frank’s other books, I didn’t want the writing to end.” – Brenda Penrod


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