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Robyn Cain, Author


Author Bio

While in high school, Robyn’s writing dreams budded and waned. Those dreams were rekindled after accomplishing a first class honours degree in English/Writing, and a PGCE.  Robyn went on to complete her Masters in Creative Writing and taught English and creative writing.

When she’s not writing, Robyn loses herself watching films and reading; creatively crocheting; baking; pickling; socializing with friends and passionately avoiding housework and keeping fit.

Apart from the short story collections, all of Robyn’s books are mostly set in Cheshire and incorporate British and Asian cultures.  Similar to her eclectic reading taste, Robyn’s books are in different genres too.


Book Titles and Genre:

Seven Stops                                     (Contemporary fiction).

Goods By Hand                                Book 1 of the Perfect series  (Fantasy, supernatural). 

Footsteps Of Galatea                      Book 2 of the Perfect series  (Fantasy, supernatural).

A Fine Balance                                (Crime thriller, political, romance).

She Dreamed Of Flash Fiction     (Flash fiction). 

Manna For Heaven                         (Mixed genre short story collection).

Devil’s Crochet                                 Book 1 of the Devil’s Hook series  (Fantasy, supernatural, horror)

Book Content Rating:  Adult based on language, violence and sexual content

Book Blurb and links:

Twisted friendships don’t come with ground rules… Anna and Meera are two Asian women banished by their families for marrying for love. Years later when their paths cross, Anna is living life to the full as a wife, mother and teacher, while single parent Meera works as a professional escort, filling the gaps in her time with deception and blackmail. Persuading Anna into child minding her son Jack, Meera then leaves the railway station in disguise and disappears. As Meera’s absence lengthens, Jack’s disturbing behaviour isn’t the only thing that worsens, because the cracks in Anna’s world, once papered over by a life of routine and sacrifice become visible and threatening. Discovering her conniving friend’s ugly secrets, Anna reassesses and reconnects with her own past. Then Jack goes missing and the truth becomes known amidst tragedy and new beginnings.

7 stops

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Deviant and volatile, Saffron’s daughter Omikia conspired to take over the inheritance; a dark living force controlled by blood…

After five years she has built her own special kind of following. As she attempts to overthrow the magic of her ancestors she foregoes all commitments to the community and the old laws, and will go to any length to satisfy her obsession to have a daughter and re-define the family tradition.

Though the ink helped Saffron’s mind to reach a safer place, her body has been left a shell and her blood may no longer be strong enough to protect Mina from her former friend Omikia’s plans.

Meanwhile, caught between two women, Richard now seeks to exact revenge against those he feels crossed him. However, for Mina, he has the cruellest of ideas.

Whoever controls the ink will write the ending – and it may not be a happy one.


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There are no short stories in real life – and no story ever stands alone. Every person has their own tale to tell, a thread that weaves and loops among countless others, which all together make up the vast pattern of life. And in The Devil’s Crochet, many threads are really just one!


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When it comes to beating your business rivals, what better than deception?

Punches still count in these days of technological advancement. When Matt Hardwicke, owner of Winnibrook, employs his rival’s most ingenious researcher, he finds out that there are consequences. After a near fatal accident Matt leaves England, returning only when forced to. When he lodges at Jenny Bishop’s to keep under his enemy’s radar, he discovers that not only his employees, but also his family are in danger. With time running out, Matt has little choice but to become the main target.

Jenny lives with her grandparents; a quirky pair guarding an age-old secret. Little does she know that her world is about to be shattered. Forced to house her employer, the status of his temporary stay changes and Jenny’s nightmare begins.

Life seems determined to light the fuse between these two recluses. And it’s not long before the worms start crawling out of the woodwork.


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For centuries the Miller women have protected their community. On the surface, they grind herbs and mix oils for the common illness, but they have another inheritance: a dark, living force they control with their blood.

A series of events force Saffron Miller to intervene in Mina’s life. In order to stop her friend’s adulterous husband from his nefarious activities and ensure that another, better man takes his place, Saffron uses her power to create Adam.

Now it’s time to pass on the family gift but to whom? Saffron’s daughter doesn’t have the prerequisite characteristics, but Mina does. Which of the two can be trusted, or should fate be allowed to choose?


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 Seven Stops:

‘…kept me guessing to the end – and beyond! …found myself particularly challenged and stimulated as the secretive world of one of the main characters unravelled in this fast-moving plot. In fact, I soon found myself having to don my amateur detective hat as the author skilfully led me along all the twists and turns created by that character and read with growing fascination all the affects her machinations had on the lives of those around her. Insights into the worlds of education, prostitution and Indian culture all go towards making an unusual and interesting mix.

‘…found Robyn Cain’s usage of rich, colourful language and the way she manages to get a reader intimately and emotionally involved with all the characters, made me recommend this book to my all my friends and family..’

 ‘Robyn Cain is a truly story teller and doesn’t mince her words….’

Goods By Hand:

‘…It is a powerful and affecting story. One that ebbs and flows. Stark violence is balanced against tea shop tête-à-têtes, delivering to the reader the clear presumption that, on the turning of a page, anything could, and probably would happen…Dark, penetrating and distinctly original, Goods by Hand is one book that definitely should not to be missed.’

‘…is a great read. Mystic, multi-cultural and murderous characters keep you hooked and are wonderfully balanced with the endearing simplicity of family relationships and friendships. This book intrigued, frightened, and genuinely made me smile…..pick it up, you won’t be disappointed…’

‘A hauntingly sinister tale of the supernatural , paranormal and otherworldly elements . A compendium of the macabre and the monstrous . It is an intense blend of terror and romance which is brilliantly effective and deftly handled . Chillingly successful . It is well worth a read from a stand out fiction writer…’

Devil’s Crochet:

‘…be savoured like fine wine: each story has enough complexity to entice the reader to reread it so that no nuance is missed…This pleasure is multipied by a tapestry of unorthodox characters who reappear in different stories…’

‘Started reading this on my plane journey and haven’t been able to put it down! Read many of Robyn’s books and this is definitely one of the best so far. A great collection of stories, with a recommendation from me!’

Footsteps Of Galatea:

‘I read Footsteps of Galatea straight after Goods by Hand as I had to know what was really happening. I had a thirst for answers and needed the juices of enlightenment to quench me…’

 ‘…This is a delightfully weird book of the paranormal cleverly utilising an ancient mythical premise that is born from Galatea…’

A Fine Balance: 

‘…Here’s a few words to describe this book: fast-paced, plots, murders, sex, secrets and intrigue, wealth and poverty, strong women, family loyalty, British and Indian culture, chickens – and a rat! The author does not disappoint and has stayed true to form…’

 ‘Strong characters, hard-boiled dialogue that reminds me of 40s noir films, and an unsettling, rainy North England background. Crimes are being committed, killings even, and someone is ripping off the family firm- but who? The only one you can trust is the family rat!
Robyn Cain has written a high-tech, modern day pulp classic with a genuinely shocking start and more to follow. 

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