“The Forest of Trees” by Anita Kovacevic

  I’ve long been a fan of the versatile author Anita Kovacevic’s writing. With her dark fantasy, The Forest of Trees, she proves she can tackle any genre. This is a richly imaginative story filled with good and evil, fairies, leprechaun, talking trees and animals, and a plethora of human characters.   Skillfully weaving the world of fantasy with the everyday lives of a family, … Continue reading “The Forest of Trees” by Anita Kovacevic

“Blind Acceptance” by Sandra Pimentel

Often memoirs are dry re-tellings of a person’s life. This is not true of Sandra Pimentel’s beautifully written Blind Acceptance. Beginning with her early years in Quincy, Massachsetts, Pimentel paints a picture of a multi-ethnic neighborhood in the 1940’s. Surrounded by her large, Italian family, she was blissfully unaware of the war that was being fought on distant shores or the poverty of her family. … Continue reading “Blind Acceptance” by Sandra Pimentel

“Revenge Comes In Many Colours: The Phoenix Series Book 9” by Ted Tayler

                  Don’t tell author Ted Tayler, I am having a virtual affair with his character, Phoenix. Like a hungry lover, I wait for each new book in his series, eager to learn what my vigilante hero is up to. Even his relationship with the beautiful Athena has not put me off. In the latest book, Revenge Comes In Many Colours: The Phoenix … Continue reading “Revenge Comes In Many Colours: The Phoenix Series Book 9” by Ted Tayler

Book Deals for December

As a “Happy Holiday” gift to my followers, “Carved Wooden Heart, my very sexy contemporary romance will be FREE on Amazon Kindle, December 4th and December 5th. “A sexy encounter with a talented native artist, a broken heart, and a knight in shining armor are just the beginning in this passionate romance. Dani Stone never expected to fall in love with carver Jesse Wolf Carver. … Continue reading Book Deals for December