“In the Shadow of the Glacier” by Vicki Delany

I was drawn to this series because the constable in the books is a woman. I found the idea of a female constable in British Columbia interesting and I wondered if author Vicki Delany would make her a tough woman and a nice girl determined to make it in a “man’s world”. Let me immediately set your mind at ease. Constable Molly (“Moonlight”) Smith is … Continue reading “In the Shadow of the Glacier” by Vicki Delany

“Feather on the Moon” by Phyllis A. Whitney

Intrigued by both the title and description of Feather on the Moon by Phyllis A. Whitney I added the book to my ‘must read’ collection. I’d read a few of the author’s books in the past and I enjoy her writing style.             Whitney wastes no time in getting the story of Jennifer Blake’s kidnapped daughter Debbie rolling. Beginning with a telephone call from a … Continue reading “Feather on the Moon” by Phyllis A. Whitney

“The Good Teacher” by Rachel Sargeant

The blurb for The Good Teacher by Rachel Sargeant teased me with the line, “A gripping thriller with a shocking twist.” I dove right into the book, hungry for the clues that would leave me trying to guess the twist. Sargeant starts off with the intriguing description of a woman handcuffed to a chair. This first paragraph is definitely a hook. Who is she and … Continue reading “The Good Teacher” by Rachel Sargeant

“Valon” by Charles Mitchell

             I was intrigued by both the cover of Valon by author Charles Mitchell and the book’s description. From the beginning of this science fiction story, I was hooked. Mitchell has created two very different worlds, and each has its good and bad. Teenager Randle Dobs lives with his father, Len, on an earth decimated by drought and pollution where … Continue reading “Valon” by Charles Mitchell