Childhood Hunger

                A report released today brings some positive news from the administration on dealing with childhood hunger. According to a story by Bryce Covert on ThinkProgress Michelle Obama and the Secretary of the Department of Agriculture, Tim Vilsack are going to announce a new program that will provide free breakfast and lunch to school children regardless of income. The article states this is due to … Continue reading Childhood Hunger

Digital Abuse

                The age of technology has provided an alternate way for abusers to stalk, bully, or intimidate intimate partners even after relationships have ended.  While this occurs most often in teen relationships it can happen to anyone; young or old, female or male, gay or straight.                 While in a relationship an abusive partner may tell you who you can and cannot be “friends” with … Continue reading Digital Abuse

Arizona & the Anti-Gay Law

Between 1876 and 1965 racial segregation laws, Jim Crow Laws, were enacted at state and local levels in the United States.  African Americans were seen as “separate but equal”.  In 1964 these “laws” were overruled by the Civil Rights Act. In July 1964 President Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act which included a “commerce clause” that made discrimination in public accommodations such as privately … Continue reading Arizona & the Anti-Gay Law

November 22, 1963

 On November 22, 1963 John F Kennedy the 35th President of the United States of America was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. It was a bright fall day in a good sized city. He was surrounded by Secret Service, Dallas police officers, and crowded streets of observers. In a limousine moving slowly along a city street, the top removed to allow crowds a good view of … Continue reading November 22, 1963

Weather Changes Affects Children’s Behavior

Originally posted on Parent Rap:
Stormy weather coincides with crankiness and arguments. When my girls were school-age the topic of weather and our children’s behavior came up in my Parents Anonymous group. The facilitator said, “Any time there is a weather change you can expect the kids’ behavior to change.” Several teachers and daycare professionals agree. Weather to behavior— what can you expect? When it… Continue reading Weather Changes Affects Children’s Behavior

Raising the Minimum Wage- Pros & Cons

  In his February State of the Union address President Obama proposed raising the minimum wage in order to provide low income workers with a living wage. There has been considerable disagreement about whether raising the federal minimum wage from $7.25 hourly to $10.10 an hour will help or hurt the economy.   One group (Republicans) maintains that raising the minimum wage will kill jobs. … Continue reading Raising the Minimum Wage- Pros & Cons

Valentine’s Day

  Every February 14th florists go crazy filling orders for flowers to be delivered locally, nationally, or even internationally. Some flowers are picked up to be delivered personally by eager boyfriends, hopeful husbands, or expectant lovers. Jewelry commercials start before the middle of January with diamond hearts, ruby hearts, gold hearts, silver hearts, and variations of hearts. Some people wait for that ring that signifies … Continue reading Valentine’s Day

The State Dinner

  Michelle Obama wore an extraordinary designer dress to the State Dinner on 2/11/14; a dinner which cost between $200.K and 600.K in taxpayer dollars. That’s about average for a dinner of this type which honors French President Francois Hollande. Entertainment was provided by singer Mary J. Blige.  The guest list included Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Rev. Al Sharpton, Bradley Cooper with Suki Waterhouse, basketball player Jason … Continue reading The State Dinner

Abuse in Homes: “Alyssa Lies”

Originally posted on The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel:
I want to share this with you today. Tears filled my eyes as I watched this video. How many  have suspected child abuse but never speak up? Domestic violence and child abuse are more common that most think. If you suspect anything, please call one of the domestic violence hotlines. You may save the life of… Continue reading Abuse in Homes: “Alyssa Lies”