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“The Secret Mother: A gripping psychological thriller that will have you hooked” by Shalini Boland

I usually avoid books with titles followed by a “hook”. However, after a peek inside, I decided to give The Secret Mother by Shalini Boland a try. It was a good choice.         Boland starts off with excellent descriptive paragraphs which set the tone for the tale. Told in the first person, (something I like), the story follows Tessa Markham as she … Continue reading “The Secret Mother: A gripping psychological thriller that will have you hooked” by Shalini Boland

“The Colorado Kid” by Stephen King

I’m Stephen King’s second biggest fan. Annie Wilkes holds that honor, sort of. That being said, I confess I have had “The Colorado Kid” both in paperback and on my Kindle for a long time. Usually, I cannot resist a new King book and plunge in as soon as I grab hold of one. It wasn’t until I started writing my own crime mysteries that … Continue reading “The Colorado Kid” by Stephen King

“The Child” by Fiona Barton

I loved Fiona Barton’s first book, The Widow. I wondered if her second book, The Child, would be as good. Reporter Kate Waters is back in this tense, psychological mystery. Her curiosity is piqued when a baby’s body is discovered during the excavation of a building in London. While the headlines of all the papers are centered on the upcoming Olympics, the story of the gruesome … Continue reading “The Child” by Fiona Barton

“Cat’s Meow” (Shig Sato Book 4) by Joseph Mark Brewer

The Shig Sato mysteries by Joseph Mark Brewer has been one of my favorite series for a few years. Cat’s Meow, the fourth book in the series has Sato, formerly a police inspector, now a private investigator, on the trail of a serial killer in Japan. As he investigates recent killings, he recalls one of the early investigations he was part of while still on … Continue reading “Cat’s Meow” (Shig Sato Book 4) by Joseph Mark Brewer

“Operation Snowdrop” by Michelle Medhat

   I love a book with action and romance and Operation Snowdrop by Michelle Medhat more than fulfills what I look for. With a storyline that could be a current headline, Medhat leads her reader through a top-secret assignment. From the first page, I was drawn into this intense tale. Anti-terrorism agent Matthew Kinley of MI6, British Secret Intelligence, is part of a team that … Continue reading “Operation Snowdrop” by Michelle Medhat