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Author Name: LaToya Wilson/London Starr

Book Titles

Ileeria: The Chosen One (LaToya Wilson)

Ileeria’s Dark Passenger

Ileeria’s Sacrifice

A Million Dollar Love (London Starr)

A Million Dollar Love 2

A Million Dollar Love 3

The Other Man: Dangerous Love and Secrets 1

Genre and Sub-Genre: Fiction; interracial paranormal and interracial romance

Book Content Rating:  Adult (18+) Based on language, violence, sexual content.

Author Bio

LaToya Wilson is a mother of three daughters, wife, and brand new author Starrwho also uses the pen name, London Starr, for pursuing her lifelong dream of writing. She has wanted to share her imagination and give people a warm place to go in her books when the real world has grown cold, since the age of nine. Griffin, Georgia is her home, but not where she was born. She hopes to travel through her hometown in Kansas one day as an adult. Nothing makes her happier than to start a book, and then complete it, whether reading someone’s work or writing her own.

Book Blurbs

Ileeria:The Chosen One

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Ileeria: The Chosen One: Ileeria Madias chose a path of loneliness when the man she loves, Alex Foster, married someone else. Neither knows fate has other plans for their paths that will cross and tangle with enemies close and worldwide. But first, Ileeria has to become a savior for a world that has never done her any favors, and deal with Alex’s wife while doing it.

Ileeria’s Dark Passenger

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Ileeria’s Dark Passenger: Ileeria does the unthinkable and disappears before the Zenith War, where earth is the prize, after clipping the link between hers and Alex’s soul. She becomes hell-bent on being just as self-destructive as her evil entity is destructive. Alex will have to find her in time or she may lose what she wants the most; Alex’s love and cost him his life.

Ileeria’s Sacrifice

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Ileeria’s Sacrifice: Ileeria and Até have managed to survive the Zenith war, keep the earth out of the devil’s grasp, and marry the men they love. But, will Ileeria find a way to endure Alex’s obsessive and controlling determination to keep her out of harm’s way at all costs before it rips them apart? Can she keep them all out of the grip of Tarkoff, a vicious and deadly vampire?

next banger
A Million Dollar Love

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A Million Dollar Love: Storm has been through the fire with an abusive ex and almost didn’t live to tell about it–although she has no plans to. She keeps her secrets buried in a locked vault inside her head where they speak to her daily, literally.
Devon, a millionaire playboy, will have to tunnel through layers and layers of her damaged psyche to find the key to her heart and her head if he wants to be in her life longer than a few minutes, but their love will come at a price. Will he fight to get the affection of the woman that he so eagerly desires to be with? Or will he decide that the price of loving a damaged woman like Storm is too high a price to pay?

A Million Dollar Love 2
A Million Dollar Love 2

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A Million Dollar Love 2: Storm has given up on everything in life but providing for her family after thirteen unlucky years in a marriage designed in hell that fractured her mind into several other identities, making her a functioning nutcase. She’s even given up on love just to keep her abuse and multiple personalities a secret from everyone. But she allows Devon Sims to give her the best one-night stand of her life just before she gives up on him, too, sparking another man’s deadly determination to have her all to himself or no one will have her, at all.

amdl 3 cover
A Million Dollar Love 3

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A Million Dollar Love 3: Secrets, shame, and mental instability resulting from an abusive past with Sidney made Storm lock herself away inside her head where the ramifications of Sidney’s abuse live and speak to her daily. She would never risk anyone finding out she’s a highly-functioning nutcase, even her mother. But after meeting Devon, Storm’s life becomes an uphill battle with old and new stalkers wielding guns, promising her death.
They’ll become the ultimate test to her determination for survival, protecting her family, and keeping her secrets away from the second man that has the power to destroy her from the inside out.

The Other Man: Dangerous Love and Secrets

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The Other Man: Dangerous Love and Secrets: Jané loves her husband more than life itself, enough to naively sacrifice every dream she has ever had. But, communication failure in their marriage will cause a breakdown that neither may be able to come back from, and allow another man into both their lives, Blazier Freeman. Unusual desires and unstable secrets that are bound to get somebody killed will push them all to their breaking points.
Can Jané resist the other man that can give her everything her husband does not know she needs?
Is Blazier the only thing standing between Jané and the tempest waiting to be unleashed without warning into her life when those same desires and secrets come to the light?

Other Man 2
The Other Man 2: Dangerous Love and Secrets

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The Other Man 2: Dangerous Love and Secrets: Jané Sullivan’s life is spiraling out of control. Her marriage is dead in the water. Her best friend is acting strange. She thinks her property is being vandalized by her soon-to-be ex-husband’s mistress, or mistresses. To top it all off, her fantasies for a more than deeply satisfying sex life are becoming more urgent. The only one holding her down through this upheaval is Blazier Freeman, a man she has known for a day. Yet, he is proving to be the tower of strength she craves.

Her cravings for him are growing, too. But, will she find out who’s leaving her messages in red promising her death if she doesn’t leave her husband? Or will her life come to a dead end before she has fulfilled those cravings with anyone?

Central Theme of

The Other Man: Dangerous Love and Secrets

The central theme of The Other Man is the impact of love and secrets in lives that circle each other. When those worlds collide instead of coasting parallel and peacefully, love and secrets become perilous to the naïve that has no idea of who they truly are, and afraid to find out for fear of not being accepted. Because of the willful ignorance, there is no real sense of who others really are or what lives they truly lead.

Situations hazardous to Jané’s health and good-girl mentality will begin to present themselves as soon as book one begins. She must find a way to deal with four years of wedded bliss with Quon suddenly going down the drain. However, she can barely deal with being alone and the taboo desires that circle her mind constantly; shooting the good girl she so desperately wants to be down in flames every time her imagination goes off course. Jané’s becomes torn between giving her husband a divorce or holding onto him, whether he wants her to or not.

As soon as she accepts that the latter is not a pathway to happiness, Blazier enters the picture. His role begins as the humble mover coming to remove Quon’s belongings from Jané’s home that is now just a house. His role quickly becomes something else entirely because he, like everyone else in this series, is someone else entirely.

The one person Jané hopes she can depend through all the storms that will tear her world apart is Simone Caslon, the best friend, who knows more about Jané’s husband than Jané does. When the time comes, Simone will do her best to use her hidden knowledge to her advantage, to gain something she should never want. But, the unspoken code between friends will not stop her from trying to get what she desires at all costs.

The concept is a double romance woven between truth, deceit, and the difference between the faces the main characters present to the world compared to what is truly looking back at them in the mirror. That makes this romance story a page turner, a recipe for disaster, and the opportunity for everyone to reveal who they truly are to their loved ones, or not so loved ones.

Relevance of The Other Man: Dangerous Love and Secrets in today’s society

So many of us hide who we are and what we really want from the world. Fear of other’s reactions and opinions keep us trapped within ourselves. No one wants to find out the hard way if it is really okay to be who you are, since people tend to reject, some even taught to hate, what they don’t understand and have no knowledge of. Unfortunately, our desires and wants will stay hidden only for so long, often manifest in other areas of our lives, until we have to face the person in the mirror.

Review(s): The Other Man 2: Dangerous Love and Secrets

Riveting Read!!!

By Amazon Customer on December 25, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

London Starr, you have done it again!!!! The twists and turns in this story surprised the heck out of me. Simone is diabolical and relentless in her pursuit to destroy Jane’ and everything she loves. I wanted to go through my kindle and strangle Jane’ for leaving on her own and going back to her house to retrieve her purse and cell phone. What was she thinking? She played right into Simone’s hands. Poor Marilyn didn’t stand a chance from the beginning. Poof! She was gone up in smoke. Keep up the good work and I can’t wait to see what book 3 holds. More of Blaizer and Quon’s sexiness I hope!!!! -T.H.


By Regina R. on December 23, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

A job well done London, can’t wait for part three. I must say I was not expecting all the twist and turns this story took but I liked them. I hope that part three comes quick and Jane’ gets what she wants and a added surprise of twins with different father’s.


Review(s): The Other Man: Dangerous Love and Secrets


By Regina R. on November 29, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

“I must say you did it again London Starr, another must read. I still can’t believe all the twist and turns this story took. I also wonder what has Quon really been up to and what the police were talking about. I like Blazier and I hope he turns out to be just what Jane’ really needs. Can’t wait until part two.”

Intriguing Read!

By Connesuer of Great Books on November 27, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

“This story was written in a way that I have never read before. It’s refreshing and intriguing. I like how this author digs deep and shows the emotions of each character. Quon needs to take a seat because he deserves everything his wife dishes out and more. I’m on the fence about Blaize. I hope he doesn’t have a hidden agenda but that’s just me and my trust issues. I can’t wait for book 2, to see what Marilyn and Simone will be up to as well. Good job London Starr!”

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What readers take away with them.

First and foremost, I want everyone to become so absorbed in my literature they can’t tell my fiction from their real life; essentially becoming the characters that are going through struggles within and around them. I don’t just want to pen a novel, but give a reading experience in the life of someone that is a real human being somewhere on this planet, though my stories are created from pure imagination. Yet, anything is possible, which is the next thing I want my readers to take with them when my characters’ story has been told, and things do get better, sometimes worse before the sun shines brightly for them again.


I often touch on sensitive subjects that litter the media like trash, hoping to change someone’s mind about their negative views that impact the lives around them, and hopefully the world for the better one story at a time. Last but never the least, I want them to know there is someone out here who knows they have everyday struggles, and understands we all have our crosses to bear. They might not be in the realm of mine, but I can give them a warm place inside the pages of my novels when the world has grown cold toward them, as it often does.




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