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September 1, 2016 through September 15, 2016

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Summer Indie Book Awards

Voting begins at midnight Central Time on September 1st!

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New Releases in September

Coming September 24, 2016

Available for Pre-Order on Kindle in early September

“Carved Wooden Heart”

by Elizabeth Horton-Newton & Starla Hartless

carvedwoodenheart (1)

A sexy encounter with a talented native artist, a broken heart, and a knight in shining armor are just the beginning in this passionate erotic romance. Dani Stone never expected to fall in love with carver Jesse Wolf Carver. She certainly didn’t foresee the results of her intense one night stand with the sexy hunk. From the wealth of New York City to a small southern community, follow Dani as she journeys the winding path fate has laid out for her.

Cover Art: Rachel Bostwick
Mask: Eric Schweig Contact

sschweig masks


September 9, 2016 through September 13, 2016

The Railroad by Neil Douglas Newton

On Sept. 11, 2001 Mike Dobbs’ life was forever changed. Reeling from his nightmare experience in New York’s subway as the twin towers collapsed he retreats from his high power Wall Street life to his run down country house. Soon he is embroiled in the life of Eileen Benoit and her 7-year old daughter Megan as they flee Eileen’s abusive ex-husband. Suddenly Mike is thrown into a world he knows nothing about and he is forced to answer the question, how far would you go for someone you love?

on the run
Available on Amazon


in Honor of


Final Cover

“Crooked Tales”

15 Short Stories | 15 Authors. All very vengeful and deceitful

A Crooked Mile – Fiona Quinn – Straying down a bleak path, lost doesn’t mean gone forever. 

Squatter – Ulla Hakanson – This story is nuts – no, really, quite nuts.  David was squinting up at the wall. “There’s a hole in the wall. A big one.”

The Scream of Silence – Pamela Crane She had secretly wanted her baby to die, then twenty-three years later she got her wish. In this haunting murder mystery short story, discover the gruesome stranger harbored within Destiny Childs… and the power of love that frees her

Angel Heart – Michelle Medhat  A spot kill from drug-pushers to detectives—how Hz hurts.

Beneath – Anita Kovacevic  – The most surreal bun fight: beware of fiery coiffure justice!

Confessions – Julie Mayerson Brown – “He who seeks vengeance must dig two graves – one for his enemy and one for himself.” ~ Chinese Proverb

Death of a Sparrowman – Eric GatesDon wasn’t someone you would notice twice. Quiet. Bland. Unremarkable. That’s what made him so good at what he did.

Keeping It in the Family – Traci SandersAn innocent case of sibling rivalry, or an insatiable obsession with control? Find out in this deliciously wicked short story about two sisters, and the men in their lives who become pawns in their endless games.

Mark of the Hyena – Mark FineWerner knew absolutely everything about everything. Of course he did, after all he was an opinionated New York academic. His views trumped all others; that was his reasoned assumption. Until he lost a bet, and found himself stranded in the sub-Saharan Africa desert. Trapped in a primitive clash of man against nature’s harsh reality, the stakes had never been higher for Werner. However, In order to survive, this civilized man must be willing to accept the wisdom of others…

Nothing But the Truth – Joe BrewerHe was more than a witness. He saw it all from his home: a useless father, a careless mother, a son who grew tired of it all. He was the neighbor next door who missed nothing. And told everything.

Red Queen Check – Elizabeth Noreen NewtonRevenge for sins of the past is best dished up hot, lusty and electric.

Cold – Lubna ‘Chaudry’ Sengul“Mothers are supposed to be warm, loving and gentle but not the Mother of Sarah May. Life has a strange way of exacting revenge without lifting a finger.”

Ubiquitous – Geoff Nelder – There’s no escaping the near future until you realize how to play the system.

Set for Saturday – Keith Dixon – Across the road, he hears the glass break. Winds up the car window – keep the cold out. A light goes on in the back of the shop. So he’s in now. Lifting the boxes out the back window. Call that security. Flat screen TVs are best – light to carry, slim boxes. Ready market round the estate, no questions asked.
He sees Carol in his head. In her room. All pale green. Posters on the wall – Brad Pitt. Johnny Depp. She likes Yanks. Brushing her hair. Keeps it strong, she says. Now dabbing something on her eyelids. Some colour. Leaning in at a mirror with her mouth open like they do. He’ll see her in a while and tell her and that’ll be it. Sorted. Won’t have to keep thinking about her then.

Terrestrial Traitor – Jeremy Croston“We’ve been told this outpost was used as a central command for their spy network.” Eiger rubbed his hands together greedily. “If we’re lucky, we might be able to get all the names of the humans working for them.”
My stomach dropped. I couldn’t let the General see my immediate fear and discomfort. “I’ll gladly take the lead on this mission. If we can root out the traitors, that’ll be a big blow to their operation on Earth.”
His powerful hand hit my shoulder. “I knew I could count on you, son. The mission briefing is in two hours and your team will roll out in twelve. Good luck.”

September 21st 



short better.png

Buy Here

Boston is LIVE and **free** on Kindle Unlimited

Parker Minelli, a fitness trainer and cover model, is every woman’s dream. His Boston accent, chiseled abs and easy-going nature have women flocking to him. But when he meets author Abby, whose brains are bigger than his biceps, he sets out to prove that he’s more than just a pretty face.

Abby is thrilled—and a little breathless—when Parker agrees to work with her on her next book release. However, they soon discover that while opposites may attract, that doesn’t mean that they can overcome their differences. Especially when Parker’s supermodel ex-girlfriend reappears.

Will they be able to see the big picture and accept each other as they are, or will their differences close the book on their chance at love?

This book is entitled it ‘Teardrops & White Doves’ for it contains poems of life’s traumas, trials, tribulations, joy’s, happiness and questions. All matters which touch each and every one of our lives at some point in time.The Teardrops represent the pain, the fear, the sadness and the uncertainties we all hold within our souls.The White Doves are the romances, the passions, the love, and the sensual moments we share.The face on the cover symbolises our eternal search for understanding through wisdom. Eyes searching for answers, an innocence challenged. Introspection. Tears of both unhappiness and joy.

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Occasionally, very occasionally, something out of the ordinary comes along, something that breaks the mold, breaks with tradition, something that stands out, head and shoulders, above the crowd.

Paul White’s new book, the illustrated hardback, special edition of Teardrops & White Doves does precisely this.

Firstly, it is a large book, a full A4 tome.

The cover design is simply stunning, both front and rear, a real design classic. I am sure it would look amazing on your coffee table at home, or on your office desk.

Inside the highest of quality continues, as do the amazing eye-catching images, photographs and paintings, all printed to the on heavy high gloss paper.

Of course, all this wonderful artwork and design is solely in support of the main reason that Teardrops & White Doves exists, that is to bring you some of Paul White’s most distinctive and defining poetry.

The selected poetry in Teardrops and White Doves are poignant, often disquieting and always emotionally charged. Once you have read Paul’s words they will stay with you…forever.

Teardrops and White Doves has to be the new ‘must have’, for all discerning readers. It is this years book to add to your library, a collector’s true volume .

It is ‘the’ stand out piece to have on you book shelf or coffee table, but will also make that special, unexpected and most thoughtful of gifts for a family member, a friend or lover on their birthday, anniversary, or indeed as a most wonderful present this Christmas as it is also an Objet d’art, a statement piece.

Order your copy(s) of Teardrops & White Does today and own this very special, never to be repeated, limited edition book.

Teardrops & White Doves is ONLY available directly from the author, Paul White.

You can order your exclusive limited edition NOW

Paul White on Amazon

“Distant Thunder” (The Coming Storm Book 2)

by Dennis Sharpe

Release Party on Facebook Thursday, September 22 at 5 PM – 10 PM

distant thunder
Available on Amazon

You can take the dead girl out of the country…

Veronica Fischer, small-town bloodsucking madam, is an orphan or at least she finally feels that way. Jules, the one who made her, is gone and cleaning up after him isn’t something she ever thought she’d have to do.

While her hometown seems to be turning against her, she’s forced to set off for the bright lights of the big city with a carload of her dysfunctional supernatural family, hoping not to have to face the Dragon of Chicago.

Now she has to rescue a sister she didn’t know she had, keep Rachel—her adopted 8-year-old ghost—safe, and try to keep Pekin from unraveling under the onset of the coming storm.

Sex, violence, and cryptic undead prophecy—all for fun and profit.

Dennis Sharpe
Dennis Sharpe Amazon Author Page


The NEWEST book

in the New Homefront series

Viking One 2

dystopian/post-apocalyptic/vigilante justice/survival/SHTF/TEOTWAWKI fiction novel detailing the struggles of a group of people in Delaware City, Delaware, as the nation faces a coordinated terror attack that hits every facet of our infrastructure.

Steven Bird
Amazon Author Page


The FOURTH novel in the “Raumsey” series

Isas Daughter

The Great War is over, and the inhabitants of Raumsey Island struggle to regain their livelihood. Seventeen year old Annie Reid is a spirited, ambitious girl, determined not to end up a herring gutter or go into service.

Annie befriends a young schoolteacher Alexander Garcia, who promises to help her further her education, but after tragedy strikes, Annie pursues a nursing career amidst the political complexity of Glasgow.

Garcia dreams of a return to his Spanish roots, but Spain is also in political turmoil.

Annie’s love for the teacher remains through the years, but will love overcome the barriers and prejudice of race, religion, beliefs, and distance?

CM Byrne
Amazon Author Page

double trouble

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big bike

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September morn

Matinée de Septembre (English: September Morn) is a controversial oil painting on canvas completed in 1911 by the French artist Paul Émile Chabas (Courtesy Wikipedia)


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