Cold Iron (The Watchmage Chronicles Book 2) By C.A. Sanders

  A couple of things attracted me to this book. Number one, I read C.A. Sanders first book in The Watchmage Chronicles, The Watchmage of Old New York. I loved it. Secondly, the title of this book, Cold Iron. Cold iron was said to be harmful to witches, fairies, and ghosts. It was also thought to repel evil supernatural creatures. Cold Iron brings back the … Continue reading Cold Iron (The Watchmage Chronicles Book 2) By C.A. Sanders

You Should Be Reading

Summer is rapidly drawing to a close. In Knoxville, Tennessee school will be starting back up on the 8th of August. That doesn’t leave much time to complete that summer reading challenge. Some cities and states don’t begin until after Labor Day, which gives those lucky folks some more time to enjoy the bliss of lounging by the pool, on the beach, or in the … Continue reading You Should Be Reading

“The Orb: An Electric Eclectic Novelette” by Paul  White

Blurb “The Orb” is a fast-paced, urban action, speculative fantasy adventure. After stealing the Orb from the Librarians, she is on her way to meet the Cardinal who has promised to pay fifty thousand pounds to lay his hands on the Orb. But the Librarians what their treasure back and are willing to go to great lengths to ensure that happens. However, they are not … Continue reading “The Orb: An Electric Eclectic Novelette” by Paul  White

“The Turning” (The Forsaken Series) by Phil Price

The Turning is a complex story of fantasy, horror, and the supernatural combined. Phil Price has developed a book about another world, reached by a mysterious opening or doorway. Once someone steps through that opening he is confronted by a world inhabited by vampires, monsters, and all sorts of folk. Some of these creatures are good while others are terrifying. Jake is a young man … Continue reading “The Turning” (The Forsaken Series) by Phil Price

“The Forest of Trees” by Anita Kovacevic

  I’ve long been a fan of the versatile author Anita Kovacevic’s writing. With her dark fantasy, The Forest of Trees, she proves she can tackle any genre. This is a richly imaginative story filled with good and evil, fairies, leprechaun, talking trees and animals, and a plethora of human characters.   Skillfully weaving the world of fantasy with the everyday lives of a family, … Continue reading “The Forest of Trees” by Anita Kovacevic

“Sleeping Beauties” by Stephen King & Owen King

  I confess I was skeptical when I saw my favorite author, Stephen King, had paired up with his son, Owen King, to write a book. I wondered if their writing would be similar, would they complement one another? I wasn’t prepared for the compelling story they provided; part fantasy, part science fiction, all thriller. As with many of the elder King’s books, there is … Continue reading “Sleeping Beauties” by Stephen King & Owen King

“Xaghra’s Revenge” by Geoff Nelder

It takes a high degree of skill to write a book that takes an event in history and blends it with a compelling fiction. Geoff Nelder accomplishes this in his historical fiction, Xaghra’s Revenge. To add to the captivating plot, Nelder has injected an unlikely romance between two delightful characters and a tragic love from the past; a love that might dramatically change the face … Continue reading “Xaghra’s Revenge” by Geoff Nelder