“Stealth Moves” by Sanna Hines

I love a good suspenseful book with twists, turns, and surprise conclusions. Sanna Hines delivers all these in Stealth Moves. The title alone would draw any mystery lover to read this psychologically chilling tale. Hines has created a fascinating array of characters from Holly Glasscock, hired as a bodyguard to teenager Liv Smallwood, to Brandon/Stealth, the surviving twin of a housebound mother, who has taken … Continue reading “Stealth Moves” by Sanna Hines

1000 Word Challenge – “The Dream Police” by DJ Dal Pizzol

The Dream Police I double back on Park and cut through Grand Central again just to make sure no one is following me. It’s almost impossible to spot a tail with this many people on the sidewalks; my only hope is that I can disappear in the rush-hour mayhem. Thousands of people rushing to catch their trains and subways, coming and going of their own … Continue reading 1000 Word Challenge – “The Dream Police” by DJ Dal Pizzol