“Red Queen Check: An Electric Eclectic Book”

I’m excited to announce Electric Eclectic Books has released another of my novelettes, “Red Queen Check.” It’s an expanded version of a short story I wrote a few years ago. Exploring the themes of revenge, power, and wealth, it is timely. With so many high profile cases of women being sexually assaulted by wealthy men in influential positions flooding the media, the story of Mark … Continue reading “Red Queen Check: An Electric Eclectic Book”

“A Love Haunting” (An OBX Haunting) by Suzi Albracht

         “Every woman needs a man who will love them to the end of time. A man who puts her needs before his. A man who takes her breath away with a single glance. A man who will do whatever it takes to have a last goodbye kiss. What happens when a trio of ghosts from the 1800s and a skateboarding angel … Continue reading “A Love Haunting” (An OBX Haunting) by Suzi Albracht

“Remembrance of Things Present: Making Peace with Dementia” by Peter Maeck

As the adult child of a parent who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, I was eager to read Remembrance of Things Present: Making Peace with Dementia by author Peter Maeck. I was pleased to find a book of photographs, poetry, and prose that explored the experiences of Maeck and his father as they traveled the road of dementia. In the beginning of the book Maeck admits … Continue reading “Remembrance of Things Present: Making Peace with Dementia” by Peter Maeck

“Neespaugot: The Legend of the Indian’s Coin” by John Mugglebee

  Weaving a story with historical details, John Mugglebee links together the lives and experiences of generations by following the trail of a coin. Neespaugot: The Legend of the Indian’s Coin is a beautifully written journey through time. Beginning with the coin’s original owner, the Native American Runinniduk, a pawwaw or sorcerer in the Praying Village, Mugglebee describes how the old man came to be … Continue reading “Neespaugot: The Legend of the Indian’s Coin” by John Mugglebee

Goodreads Giveaway!

Goodreads Book Giveaway Carved Wooden Heart by Elizabeth Horton-Newton Giveaway ends July 24, 2017. See the giveaway details at Goodreads. Enter Giveaway     Excerpt Jesse had not moved. It was as though he was a magnet and I was irresistibly drawn to him. “Mr. Carver, how nice to see you.” His lip curled. “Really? Mr. Carver?” His eyes narrowed. I knew that look. It … Continue reading Goodreads Giveaway!

“Written in the Ashes” by K. Hollan Van Zandt

Written In the Ashes by K. Hollan Van Zandt Publisher: Harper Collins (Nov. 29, 2016) Category: Historical Fiction Tour Dates: May-June, 2017 ISBN: 978-0062673688 ASIN: B01CY3A8X4 Available in: Print & ebook,  554Pages “Written in the Ashes is one of those rare novels that sets ‘history’ afire, to bathe readers in the glow of a greater, hotter truth. Fans of The Mists of Avalon will find this romantic/alchemical/feminist/spiritual epic equally … Continue reading “Written in the Ashes” by K. Hollan Van Zandt

November Book News

What’s Coming Up? “Riddle“ by Elizabeth Horton-Newton will be FREE October 30, 2016 through November 3, 2016 #FREE on #Kindle 10/30-11/03 Seven years ago Kort Eriksen went to prison for killing his girlfriend Desiree. Now he’s back in Riddle and some people think he got off easy. Others, including long time friend Norma, think he was railroaded because he’s the only Native American in town. … Continue reading November Book News

“Average Daydreamer” by Anita Kovacevic

   Anita Kovacevic has taken the romance genre and turned it on its ear with her creative book “Average Daydreamer”. This is a sweet, but not sugary sweet, story of a thirty-something, successful business woman who is also painfully single. Priscilla Parker regularly daydreams of finding the ideal man. The fact that her best friend, Petra, is getting ready for her wedding increases Priscilla’s search … Continue reading “Average Daydreamer” by Anita Kovacevic