“What’s in it for Me? A Personal Journey of Recovery … and Hope” By John L.


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This deeply personal chronicle of one man’s navigation of the troubled waters of his battle with addiction gives a remarkable insight into the tangled path to recovery. John L. gives a no holds barred exploration of his life; his tragedies, his mistakes, his successes, and the challenges he faced. He relates his experiences to the Alcoholics Anonymous Twelve Step Program, connecting his recovery with the “Big Book”, the bible of the program.


Beginning with a brief history of his life before recovery, he introduces the reader to a troubled man whose life is in a downward spiral. From his early use of alcohol while a sophomore in high school through his marriage to Monica, and the subsequent deterioration and failure of that relationship, he reveals all the pitfalls he ran full tilt in to.

Describing his introduction to AA, finding a sponsor, and forming relationships with others in the program, John holds nothing back. Courageously exposing his weaknesses he outlines the struggles he faced in often painful detail. Just when it seems he has made it over a bump in the road of life he is thrown an obstacle that could be his complete undoing.

Digging deeply into his soul John brings forth the thoughts and emotions that carried him forward. He concludes his story on a positive note, leaving the reader with a sense of hope. Shining a light on the sometimes unrecognized issues faced by addicts, his honesty makes this book a must read. A useful addition for any caregiver or anyone facing the battles of addiction of any kind, “What’s in it for Me? A Personal Journey of Recovery … and Hope” is a gift from one brave man. His honesty and humanity are compelling. The writing is clear and easy to understand. The story is inspiring. I highly recommend this book for any reader who enjoys a true story that encourages and motivates.

Living in a world clouded with shadowy images of what constitutes a real man caused John to suffer from misguided perceptions for years. Although he meant well, reactions to his “reality” always led to disasters in every area of his life. He was incarcerated and didn’t know it. Untreated alcoholism and addiction have the only prison cells on the planet where the keys to escape are located on the inside… Follow John’s voyage of recovery as he navigates a myriad of adversities – some would stop people in their tracks – in efforts to become the person he always wanted to be but didn’t know how…

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