“Horns” – Joe Hill

HornsHorns by Joe Hill
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Ignatius Perrish has a problem, but he isn’t entirely certain the problem is a bad thing. As he moves forward in his life he is constantly drawn back by memories of past experiences. Ever mourning the tragic and violent loss of the love of his life Merrin, he struggles with living his life without her. As the story progresses the question arises, what is good, what is evil, and how wide is the gray area that separate the two? Providing both the reader and Ignatius views of the the inner workings of the minds of his friends and family we explore how he came to be where he is. Surprising twists and turns take place and just when you think you have the whole picture a new signpost pops up waving arms like the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz. “You can go this way, or you can go that way.” In the end I felt drained as though I had journeyed with Iggy on his crooked road. And that is a good thing. When a writer can make you feel the emotions of a character he has hit a home run. And this was definitely out of the park.

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