NOS4A2NOS4A2 by Joe Hill
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Nos4A2” is the first offering I’ve read by Joe Hill. It was a shocking introduction. A fantasy horror tale it weaves the worlds of Vic McQueen into a tapestry of childhood’s growing pains with her imaginative world of escape. Following Vic as she grows from pained childhood to more pained adulthood is a marvelous journey where both character and reader explore other worlds. While Vic’s parents could use a little more character development, Vic, Lou, and Wayne are full fledged real people. With enough twists and turns to keep the pages turning the story draws you along. The requisite bad guy is wonderfully horrifying with a side kick that is almost as creepy. Best of all the story winds up efficiently and unexpectedly, something any reader can appreciate. I highly recommend this for anyone who enjoys a good read in the fantasy horror genre. I plan to seek out more work by Joe Hill. Hopefully his skill at story telling will carry on!

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