“NYPD Red”

NYPD Red (NYPD Red, #1)NYPD Red by James Patterson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

NYPD Red by James Patterson and Marshall Karp
NYPD Red brings together two of the biggest draws in the civilized world, New York City and the Hollywood elite. Beginning with the opening of Hollywood on the Hudson, a weeklong seduction of Hollywood moguls to consider New York as a setting for future productions, Patterson and Karp weave an action packed tale.
“The Chameleon” has set out to attack the Hollywood bigwigs, bringing them to their knees and driving them away from New York. He has scripted a movie and begins to bring it to life while being pursued by the NYPD Red contingent of the NY police force. This group of top cops was created after 9/11 to handle high profile crimes with high profile defined as crimes against the movers and shakers who operate in the city. Officially they are the High Profile Victims Response Team and Zach Jordan is one of the seventy-five officers assigned to the team. While his partner is on the DL he is joined by former girlfriend Kylie MacDonald in working the case of the flashy serial killer who is making headlines.
Using the backdrop of NY and locations that are probably familiar to most people Jordan and MacDonald track the killer as he brings his script to life, literally. With a cast of characters that include Hollywood moguls and movie stars, a sexy police psychologist, and MacDonald’s husband who also happens to be part of the in crowd NYPD Red is a page turner. With some sexual tension, more action and excitement, and a lot of over the top adventures the story unfolds at a quick pace.
By no means is this book a literary wonder, but it is a lively, action packed police story that held my attention. I also found it interesting enough to have picked up the next adventure NYPD Red 2.

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