Strange Weather: Four Short Novels By: Joe Hill

  I have a new favorite author. Oddly enough, he’s the son of my former favorite author. Joe Hill, son of Stephen King, has surpassed his father in the brilliant writer department. Make no mistake, Hill’s genre is also horror/thriller/suspense. He attacks his stories with fresh eyes and contemporary views, drawing on the present-day world to engage his readers.   Strange Weather: Four Short Novels, … Continue reading Strange Weather: Four Short Novels By: Joe Hill

Great Halloween Reads

I confess, Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love the costumes, the decorations, the imagination, and the silliness of pumpkin decorating, haunted houses, corn mazes, and treats salty and sweet. It’s a time to enjoy fantasy, being scared, spooky stories, bonfires, and parties. There are books, by both indie writers and writers that have publishing houses behind them, that I turn to during the Halloween … Continue reading Great Halloween Reads

“The Fireman: A Novel” By Joe Hill

    In a post apocalyptic world where a plague unlike anything we’ve ever imagined spreads like wildfire, Joe Hill has a created a unique hero in The Fireman. As Hill develops a society that splits into diverse factions and collapses piecemeal, some figures step forward as leaders, good and bad. However, as is often true in real life, it is not the popular leader … Continue reading “The Fireman: A Novel” By Joe Hill

It’s Autumn! Fall In for Scary Reads

It’s the first day of fall, the Autumn Equinox. For some reason fall has always struck me as a spooky time of year. It is my favorite season. I love the leaves changing colors before they fall, littering the ground with a carpet of crunch and leaving bare tree limbs stretching like long bony fingers into the sky trying to catch dull gray clouds. Fall … Continue reading It’s Autumn! Fall In for Scary Reads

“Heart-Shaped Box” by Joe Hill

Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill My rating: 5 of 5 stars Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill is not just another ghost story. While weaving a supernatural tale Hill manages to invest the story with some of the real life horrors in the world. Through the eyes of Jude Coyne the reader explores the experiences of an aged rock musician and the people in his life … Continue reading “Heart-Shaped Box” by Joe Hill