The Outsider: A Novel

In his new release, The Outsider: A Novel, Stephen King takes us on a mission to solve the mystery of a murder. This isn’t just any murder. An eleven-year old boy has been killed and his body mutilated horrifically. All the evidence and eyewitnesses point to an unlikely suspect. Terry Maitland is a respected English teacher, with a wife and two daughters, who also coaches … Continue reading The Outsider: A Novel

Ghostly Writes Anthology: Get Your Halloween Chills and Thrills in This Spooky Collection

It’s fall and there is something about the season that is inherently eerie. Perhaps it is the trees losing their leaves as the temperature falls. Often it is colder and rainier. The sun sets earlier and the nights are longer. As a child walking home from school I was conscious of leaves crackling under my shoes and my breath creating small ghosts that blew out … Continue reading Ghostly Writes Anthology: Get Your Halloween Chills and Thrills in This Spooky Collection

Children’s Halloween Books

Children love Halloween; trick or treating, carving Jack O’ Lanterns, candy, costumes, and stories. My children and grandchildren had and have some favorite Halloween books and I’d like to share a few with you. I have arranged them in age appropriate order as best as I could but we know our own children. What amuses one child might frighten another so check them out before … Continue reading Children’s Halloween Books

Great Halloween Reads

I confess, Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love the costumes, the decorations, the imagination, and the silliness of pumpkin decorating, haunted houses, corn mazes, and treats salty and sweet. It’s a time to enjoy fantasy, being scared, spooky stories, bonfires, and parties. There are books, by both indie writers and writers that have publishing houses behind them, that I turn to during the Halloween … Continue reading Great Halloween Reads

October Book Blog

October is my favorite month of the year! Fall is usually crackling in the air (yes fall crackles), Halloween is coming, and it’s time for candy apples, hayrides, hot cider, and scary books and movies. It’s also my favorite time to travel. You may have noticed my Book Blog is early. By the time you read this I will probably be in Barcelona, Spain or … Continue reading October Book Blog

End of Watch: A Novel (The Bill Hodges Trilogy Book 3) by Stephen King

  In the third and final installment of the Bill Hodges trilogy Stephen King brings back Mr. Mercedes, “The Mercedes Killer”, Brady Hartsfield back to center stage. Much like the shark in “Jaws 2”, just when you thought it was safe to look away the big, bad guy returns with an even more diabolical plot. Bill Hodges and his assistant Holly Gibney are now private … Continue reading End of Watch: A Novel (The Bill Hodges Trilogy Book 3) by Stephen King

Review of “Awethology Light” & “Awethology Dark”

Honored to have my short story “April Showers”, part of the Awethors Dark Awethology, recognized in this excellent review. I was thrilled to have my story included with these other wonderful authors. “My favorites here would have to be “Pennies from Heaven” and “The Lost Sheperd – A Short Reacher Story” (which made me want to read more of this author’s world immediately) and “April … Continue reading Review of “Awethology Light” & “Awethology Dark”

“Footsteps” by Elizabeth Horton-Newton

The sound came from upstairs; at least I thought it did. It was hard to tell with the dryer thumping and the washer filling with water.  I moved to the foot of the wooden steps that led up to the main level of the house and cocked my head to one side. Holding my breath I listened closely. It sounded as though the floorboards were … Continue reading “Footsteps” by Elizabeth Horton-Newton

Oh! Those Scary Movies from My Childhood

Oh! Those Scary Movies! It’s difficult to choose movies based on scare level. There are so many different ways to be scared and things to be scared by. Some people are scared of ghosts; others find vampires or zombies terrifying. There are people who are far more frightened by the living than the dead. I’m going to spend the next few weeks writing about the … Continue reading Oh! Those Scary Movies from My Childhood

Indie Horror Writers for a Scary Fall Read

“Be silent in that solitude, Which is not loneliness—for then The spirits of the dead, who stood In life before thee, are again In death around thee, and their will Shall overshadow thee; be still.” From “Spirits of the Dead” by Edgar Allan Poe My father gave me his “Collected Works of Edgar Allen Poe” when I was about seven years old. I had long ago relinquished … Continue reading Indie Horror Writers for a Scary Fall Read