“Gwendy’s Button Box” by Stephen King and Richard Chizmar

  Stephen King and Richard Chizmar take the reader back to the town of Castle Rock, Maine where the unlikely is always likely to happen. In Gwendy’s Button Box, twelve-year-old Gwendy Peterson breaks a child’s cardinal rule; she talks to a stranger. When a stranger calls her over for a “palaver” she hesitantly joins him on a bench. In a King thriller, a stranger is … Continue reading “Gwendy’s Button Box” by Stephen King and Richard Chizmar

“The Fireman: A Novel” By Joe Hill

    In a post apocalyptic world where a plague unlike anything we’ve ever imagined spreads like wildfire, Joe Hill has a created a unique hero in The Fireman. As Hill develops a society that splits into diverse factions and collapses piecemeal, some figures step forward as leaders, good and bad. However, as is often true in real life, it is not the popular leader … Continue reading “The Fireman: A Novel” By Joe Hill

TWISTED TALES: 15 Literary Lies & Epic Yarns: Insanitary by Robyn Cain

  Simply reading the tag line for Robyn Cain’s short story, Insanitary, I had the feeling something was not quite right. “Consider carefully where you walk the dog.” I’m familiar with Cain’s work having read a few of her full length books so I know her stories can take a bizarre twist. This short is no exception. When Henrietta takes her dog Scruffy for a … Continue reading TWISTED TALES: 15 Literary Lies & Epic Yarns: Insanitary by Robyn Cain

The Bazaar of Bad Dreams: Stories by Stephen King

I make no secret of that fact that Stephen King is my favorite modern writer. His short stories thrill me, on the whole. None of them are mediocre and of course I have my personal beloved. This new collection of stories, some fresh off the presses, some previously published, has not disappointed. Not all are in your face horror. In fact many are more like … Continue reading The Bazaar of Bad Dreams: Stories by Stephen King

Review of “Awethology Light” & “Awethology Dark”

Honored to have my short story “April Showers”, part of the Awethors Dark Awethology, recognized in this excellent review. I was thrilled to have my story included with these other wonderful authors. “My favorites here would have to be “Pennies from Heaven” and “The Lost Sheperd – A Short Reacher Story” (which made me want to read more of this author’s world immediately) and “April … Continue reading Review of “Awethology Light” & “Awethology Dark”

“Goods By Hand” by Robyn Cain

Goods by Hand is an exquisite blend of sweet romance, flavored with paranormal mysteries, and spiced with psychological terror that kept me reading well past my bedtime. A mesmerizing array of characters revolves around the central character of Mina, a woman whose relationship difficulties virtually tear apart the lives of her friends. A writer who is controlled by her psychologically abusive husband, Mina begins as … Continue reading “Goods By Hand” by Robyn Cain

My 2015 Top Indie Book Picks

I have read an amazing number of indie books this year. When I looked back at my reviews I was surprised. The realization I had read so many started me thinking about the ones I remembered. I decided to make a list of the ones I liked the most. You will probably notice a paucity of “romance” novels. This may puzzle you since the books … Continue reading My 2015 Top Indie Book Picks

“The 9th Hour” by CMT Stibbe

Set in colorful New Mexico, The 9th Hour successfully combines the intense investigation to find a serial killer before he strikes again with the inner workings of the killer’s mind. Into this mix comes a British born detective of African descent and a killer obsessed with Nordic mythology. Stibbe’s ability to bring these diverse elements together shows skilled writing. Her ability to do this effectively, … Continue reading “The 9th Hour” by CMT Stibbe

The Road Less Traveled by Elizabeth Horton-Newton

We all knew about the shortcut that led to the high school. It ran along an old road and through a small tunnel before opening into the large field behind the sports field. As often as it was used to get to school by those who didn’t need another tardy on their record, more often it was used as a path to sneak away from … Continue reading The Road Less Traveled by Elizabeth Horton-Newton

Author Interview – Anita Kovacevic

I’m thrilled to have one of my favorite Indie Authors here today. Please welcome Anita Kovacevic. I “discovered” her in a group called Books Go Social. When I read her book “The Threshold” I fell in love with it. Suspenseful and compelling I couldn’t put it down. (see my review here: https://elizabethnnewton.com/2015/02/17/the-threshold-anita-kovacevic/) So let’s get started… What is the title of your latest book? I … Continue reading Author Interview – Anita Kovacevic