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October is my favorite month of the year! Fall is usually crackling in the air (yes fall crackles), Halloween is coming, and it’s time for candy apples, hayrides, hot cider, and scary books and movies. It’s also my favorite time to travel. You may have noticed my Book Blog is early. By the time you read this I will probably be in Barcelona, Spain or sailing somewhere in the Mediterranean.

Here is my book news for October as well as some suggestions for Halloween reads! See you when I get back!

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On September 24 my collaboration with Starla Hartless launched. “Carved Wooden Heart” is pretty far out of my usual comfort zone. An erotic romance that is more a story of a woman’s life journey, we follow Dani Stone as she navigates the twisty road fate has laid out for her. It’s currently available on Amazon. I hope you will enjoy it.


“Crooked Tales” on Amazon

If you missed Short Story Day on September 21 you can still find time in your busy day or evening to read a “shorty”. Short stories are a great way to discover new writers.

“Twisted Tales” on Amazon

Coming this HALLOWEEN! ad-2

Including my SHORT STORY “Thin Place”

With the election coming in November it’s a good time to read this fascinating book by Jim Mosquera. “2020” can be found on Amazon

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Learn more about the author and his books at Jim Mosquera Webpage

Amazon Author Page

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Author and U.S. Army civilian, Jason Tanamor, has a new children’s book, “I Heart Superhero Kid,” that is defined as an epic story between good and bad, told in rhyming verse involving a hero, his arch enemy, talking cats, and a girl with a crush.

Tanamor’s association with heroes extends from his day job as a Contract Specialist at the Rock Island Arsenal in Rock Island, Illinois. It is there, full-time, where Tanamor serves the Department of the Army’s soldiers by providing them what is needed in order to do their jobs. “Our soldiers are our everyday heroes,” Tanamor said. “So, it was only fitting that I write about a hero – Superhero Kid – who protects the residents of his own city.”

Illustrated by Tanamor’s son, Ryan McFate, fans of fantasy and the superhero genre will love this rhythmic verse novel.

Jason Tanamor on Amazon

“I have never enlisted in the armed forces so those in uniform deserve so much respect from people like me,” Tanamor said. “With all the craziness of the Presidential election going on, I wanted to write something fun that reinforced the theme of heroes protecting the citizenry.”

Thus, a children’s book geared toward 6-year-olds to teenagers was born. “Now, if only we could get Superhero Kid on the ballot,” Tanamor quipped.

“I Heart Superhero Kid” is a drastic change from the books the author is generally known for. His previous novel, “Anonymous,” received a starred review from Publishers Weekly while “Drama Dolls” is currently piling on its own positive reviews. “Although this is a children’s book, it is a story that everyone can relate to,” Tanamor said.

The storyline revolves around Lizzy, a girl obsessed with discovering who Superhero Kid really is. While Lizzy is plotting her future, Superhero Kid’s arch enemy, the Evil Man, is plotting his own future – to take over the city. However, one person is standing in the Evil Man’s way – Superhero Kid. The result is an epic battle of the ages, between good and bad.

“Everybody loves a hero, someone he or she can relate and look up to,” Tanamor said. “This book is a constant reminder that even though we are consumed with our own lives – such as Lizzy and her crush on Superhero Kid – there will always be someone looking over us.”

“I Heart Superhero Kid” is available at Amazon in paperback for $15.00 and digitally for $2.99.

Jason Tanamor is a Contract Specialist stationed at Rock Island Arsenal in Rock Island, Illinois. Visit Jason Tanamor on the web at Jason Tanamor Webpage

Guess what’s back in stock? And the new books have a shiny gold medal on them. If you would like a copy, they are $10 plus shipping (usually 2-4 dollars depending). Grab ’em while they are hot!


“With a city at war, turning to evil may be their only choice.”

Two years ago, a supervillain known as The Negative Man brought Pacific Station to the brink of destruction. No one dared stand in his way… that is until the arrival of a new hero: The Dark Lion.

At the end of their final battle, The Negative Man disappeared. Months went by and without a sign of his return, the city returned to normal. Unfortunately, a new evil has taken hold; one in the form of a gang of supers known as The Aces. Led by their charismatic leader, Spades, they have become the terror of the city.

Once again The Dark Lion is called into duty to make the city safe. But questions remain: are The Aces just a distraction? And most importantly, will The Negative Man rise again?

Jeremy Croston on Amazon
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Scary Reads for Halloween


anita K
Anita Kovacevic on Amazon









Suzi Albracht on Amazon


Claire Stibbe on Amazon

Carole Parkes on Amazon

robyn cain
Robyn Cain on Amazon





price of silence
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