Jackie Parry – Guest Blogger: Not Just Another Horse Tale

Donating To Charity – It’s Win/Win For You! I don’t know about you, but when I hear people raising money for charity I develop a mixed jumble of emotions. Announcement First up, let me say: for 99 cents/pence you can purchase a wonderful ebook (“hauntingly beautiful”) and I will donate 50% to charity…. please do read on…. Over the years I’ve given to cancer research, … Continue reading Jackie Parry – Guest Blogger: Not Just Another Horse Tale

“Jessica: The Autobiography of an Infant”

Jessica: The Autobiography of an Infant by Jeffrey Von Glahn My rating: 5 of 5 stars In this true story Dr. Jeffrey Von Glahn follows his course of treatment with a patient he calls “Jessica”. When he first meets with Jessica Dr. Von Glahn struggles to get her to open up about her problems. Unable to remain home alone with her young child while her … Continue reading “Jessica: The Autobiography of an Infant”

“Bloodstains” by Jeff Mudgett

Bloodstains by Jeff Mudgett My rating: 4 of 5 stars “Bloodstains” by Jeff Mudgett is a disturbing account of the author’s discovery of his family history. After learning his great-great grandfather was America’s first acknowledged serial killer, H.H.Holmes, Mudgett begins to question what impact that relationship might have on his own life. Holmes, whose real name was Herman Webster Mudgett, confessed to the killings of … Continue reading “Bloodstains” by Jeff Mudgett