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JULY 2016 

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indie pride day

Indie Pride Day July 1st, 2016

Online at

Indie Pride Day 2016

July 1st, 2016 7:00 AM – July 2nd, 2016 12:00 AM (CDT)



crown series
C.L. Schneider Amazon Author Page

Indie Pride Day is here! Being an indie author has changed my life. I’m proud to be a part of this hardworking, passionate, giving community of authors and friends. In celebration, all three books in The Crown of Stones Trilogy will be on Kindle Countdown. FOR ONE DAY ONLY, each book will be only .99! Journey into a dark world of magic, addiction, obsession, war, deception, love, and loss—nearly 1500 pages of adult epic fantasy—for less than a cup of coffee!

From a land long-divided by prejudice and fear, comes the story of Ian Troy, a magic-user bred for war. Reviled for their deadly addiction to magic, Ian’s people suffer in slavery. Drugs suppress their wills and their magic. Their once great empire lies buried, lost beneath the sand and a thousand years of secrets—until Ian unearths the Crown of Stones. Ignorant of its true purpose, Ian wields the circlet’s power and brings peace to the realms, but at a terrible price.

A decade later, scarred and guilt-ridden, Ian has rejected his heritage and his magic. Old enemies have resurfaced and new ones have risen to seize the Crown of Stones. Unwittingly drawn into the conflict, Ian’s addiction reawakened.

Caught in a web of obsession and lies, Ian returns to the past to save the future in a time-spanning journey fraught with loss, betrayal, torture, friendship and love. His beliefs and convictions, his knowledge of magic and history are challenged as Ian unlocks the mysteries of The Crown of Stones. Despite devastating personal consequences, he clings to a hope for peace. But how much is he willing to sacrifice? How much burden can he carry? And how far can a man fall before he can’t rise again?

To purchase The Crown of Stones books in either paperback or Kindle, visit C. L. Schneider’s Amazon Author page Amazon Author Webpage  or her website C.L. Schneider Website for buy links, reviews, and excerpts.

cs trilogy

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pride pimp

Indie Pride Pimp Party Part 2


Jul 7 at 3 PM to Jul 10 at 6 PM

APC & #IBBS Promo Share

Hosted by Jessica Wren and Jessica Tahbonemah

The second of two book promotion pimp parties being held in honor of#IndiePrideDay2016 will be on Thursday, July 7 and Sunday, July 10. Request a takeover spot to show some love to one or more of your favorite indie authors. This is not a self-promotion event; however, reciprocal promotion is welcome. If you are interested, comment below for a takeover spot as well as who you would like to promote. All takeovers are one hour, and all times are Eastern Standard.

Thursday, July 7
11am- Alicia Freeman PA will be promoting Amy Cecil
12pm- Elizabeth Noreen Newton will promote Sanna Hines, Ted Tayler, and Carole Parkes
1pm- Alicia Freeman PA will be promoting Tracy Millosovich
2pm- Alicia Freeman PA will be promoting Alexis Kennedy
3pm- Alicia Freeman PA will be promoting Jody Pardo
4pm- Alicia Freeman PA will be promoting Moisa Wroy
5pm- Lily Luchesi will promote Jessica Wren and Markie Jordan-Madden
6pm-The Wren will promote K-Trina Meador, Joe Compton, and Lily Luchesi
7pm- Mark McQuillen
8pm- Markie Jordan-Madden will promote the Gems of Strength Anthology.

Independence Day SALE!

$.99 Cents

July 3rd 8:00 AM PST – July 5th 8:00 AM PST

View From the Sixth Floor: An Oswald Tale Kindle Edition

View_From_the_Sixth__Cover_for_Kindle (1)
Available at Amazon

This romantic thriller takes a fictional “what if” look at the JFK assassination. Suppose accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald had lived to defend himself. Imagine if 50 years after the assassination someone stepped forward to reveal the truth of what happened that day. What if the assassination was a conspiracy and the impact of those revelations reached into the 21st century? This is the story of ordinary people caught up in extraordinary events. You’ll never look at your neighbors the same way.

Book Trailer         Author Webpage


Join Us for the Book Release Event Online!

Join Us on Facebook-July 9th, 2016

Pre-Order Now!

Available July 4, 2016


incest book 1
Buy on Amazon

Reaching for the Light – An Incest Survivors Story (Sisterhood of Survival Book 1) 

The crime of child sexual assault is a national tragedy. With unflinching honesty, author J.C. Christian takes readers on a journey into the private world of the incest survivor. 

In a world rarely seen outside a therapist’s office, J.C. shares her inspirational journey of recovery and healing.

What READERS are saying about this book:

J.C Christian’s “Reaching for the Light” is a tale of the havoc in which years of abuse can destroy the innocence, confidence and soul of any young human being.  It is also a tale of healing.

I was engrossed in this story from the first few pages. It leaves you wanting to learn more about why individuals  commit such hideous crimes.  Well done J.C on breaking the cycle. I have every belief that this book will help other sufferers to ‘Reach for the Light’ of peace and healing.

Rachel, UK

Book Trailer        Author Website

street talk
Jul 21 at 5 PM to Jul 22 at 10 PM in CDT

Hosted by

Jessica Tahbonemah

A Street Talkin event to promote sensational authors, artists, and professional services. Celebrate and join the journey…

Author/Artist/Professional Services Takeover Schedule

(subject to change)

July 21, 2016 Thursday (5:00 PM – 10:00 PM CT)
5:00 PM Karina Kantas (Author)
5:30 PM Mary J. Williams (Author)
6:00 PM Lisette Kristensen (Author)
6:30 PM Linda Burson (Author)
7:00 PM Bill Bero (Songwriter/musician/journalist)
7:30 PM Viv Drewa (Author/PA)
8:00 PM Crystal Miles Gauthier (Author/Owl Branch Promotion)
8:30 PM Kim Huther/Wordsmith Proofreading Services
9:00 PM Ana Cavazos (Author)
9:30 PM Vicky Drane Promotional Services
10:00 PM Veronique Poirier (Author/Blogger/Reviewer)

July 22, 2016 Friday (5:00 PM – 10:00 PM CT)
5:00 PM Carissa Lynch (Author)
5:30 PM Jennifer Lee Clayton (Author)
6:00 PM Jenny Burke (Author)
6:30 PM Fanatic Reviews by Jess (Promotion Company)
7:00 PM Viv Drewa (Author/PA)
7:30 PM J.B. Havens (Author)
8:00 PM Crystal Miles Gauthier (Author/Owl Branch Promotion)
8:30 PM Ellen Abrnathy (Author)
9:00 PM Terra James (Author)
9:30 PM Tribute to Ashley Byland/Red Bird Designs
9:45 PM Tribute to Sarah Book Publishing/Sarah Book Society
10:00 PM Victoria H. Loren (Author)





~Subject to change~ New packages will be added as this is only the beginning…(Victoria’s books/swag, and jewelry will be listed later)~

GRAND PRIZE– Kindle Fire 7″ Tablet with gift ebooks from authors or anyone who wishes to contribute ( let’s fill it up with some sensational books) all contributions appreciated. Please contact Jessica Tahbonemah or  Victoriah Loren if you wish to contribute to this prize.
Ebooks donated for the grand prize:
Blind Trust contributed by Victoria H. Loren
TrustWorthy contributed by Victoria H. Loren
Have you Seen this Girl by Carissa Ann Lynch
House of Lost Girls by Carissa Ann Lynch
Carnival of Dead Girls by Carissa Ann Lynch
Cheerleading can be Murder by Carissa Ann Lynch
Cutting up the Competition by Carissa Ann Lynch
Grayson’s Ridge by Carissa Ann Lynch
This is not about Love by Carissa Ann Lynch.
Voices in my Head by Susan Solomon
Magic of Murder by Susan Solomon
Evitable Destiny by Izabela Monck
The Dragon Dreamer by Jenny Burke

FIRST PRIZE– Promotional Package (this is the prize I am most excited about…) If you wish to contribute services or gift certificates to this package please contact Jessica or Victoria.
1) Book Swag using your book cover or logo designed by Victoria H. Loren (will supply details later).
2) American Express Gift card $50.00 by Victoria H. Loren to help with printing or promotional costs.
3) Teaser package designed by a sensational talented graphic artist, Jessica Tahbonemah and of course, Victoria H. Loren (details to follow).
4) Book cover designed by Jessica Tahbonemah (details to follow).
5) Audio Narration (four minutes) by Karina Kanta Karina Kantas .

SECOND PRIZE– ebook donated by Susan Solomon
Voices in my Head by Susan Solomon
Magic of Murder by Susan Solomon

THIRD PRIZE – ebook donated by Isabela Monck
Evitable Destiny by Izabela Monck




zebra new
Available on Amazon

Congratulations to Mark Fine for being the first author to earn a GOLD Worm ranking badge from the RRR for his title “The Zebra Affaire.”

In case any of you aren’t aware of how a “ranking badge” works, here is the gist:

Once any one title earns at least three of the same worm-color reviews, that author receives a badge to place on his/her website or social media pages to proclaim that honor. It’s not as easy to earn as it sounds 🙂 We don’t hand out GOLD Bookworms lightly!

Learn more about “The Zebra Affaire” here:
Readers Review Room: “The Zebra Affaire”
‪#‎apartheidromance‬ ‪#‎historicalfiction‬ ‪#‎mustread‬ ‪#‎BWR4U‬

Looking for Honest Book Reviews?

Readers Review Room


Avilable in Paperback at:LULU for $7.99bkwrmrev


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