“Geoff What-if Nelder” In His Own Words

Before reading award winning author Geoff Nelder’s new book, Xaghra’s Revenge, I contacted him about the possibility of interviewing him. Having finished this historical fiction with romance, fantasy, action, and the paranormal, I wondered what would motivate a well-known writer of science fiction to make such a dramatic change in genre. I invited Geoff to guest on my blog and share his inspiration, how he … Continue reading “Geoff What-if Nelder” In His Own Words

Jackie Parry – Guest Blogger: Not Just Another Horse Tale

Donating To Charity – It’s Win/Win For You! I don’t know about you, but when I hear people raising money for charity I develop a mixed jumble of emotions. Announcement First up, let me say: for 99 cents/pence you can purchase a wonderful ebook (“hauntingly beautiful”) and I will donate 50% to charity…. please do read on…. Over the years I’ve given to cancer research, … Continue reading Jackie Parry – Guest Blogger: Not Just Another Horse Tale

Geoff Nelder- Guest Blogger

Science fiction is not an easy genre for a writer. These writer’s need to think way outside of the box. Geoff Nelder has managed to leave the box behind with his trilogy of “ARIA” tales. Beginning with “ARIA: Left Luggage”, the book where Alien Retrograde Infectious Amnesia is introduced, Nelder sets the stage for a frightening concept. What would happen if the Earth was infected … Continue reading Geoff Nelder- Guest Blogger

Ted Tayler, Author- Guest Blogger

My Guest Blogger is author Ted Tayler. He has just released the second book in his Olympus Project series. I had the opportunity to read and review “Gold, Silver, and Bombs”; it’s a compelling work of fiction set against the backdrop of the 2012 London Olympics. The primary protagonist, Colin Bailey, aka “The Phoenix”, continues to evolve in his role working for the Olympus Project. … Continue reading Ted Tayler, Author- Guest Blogger