Book Reviews: How to Get Them & What to Do With Them by Felita Daniels

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This book is a vital addition to any indie writer’s library. Ms. Daniels has taken the time to do significant research on book promotion and it shows. She covers everything from how to request reviews, the pitfalls of swapping reviews, using social media effectively, and even a chapter she calls “Think Outside the Box”. Written in simple, easy to understand language and using visuals to illustrate some points, Daniels lays out a well planned path for acquiring useful book reviews. I have self published two books yet I found tips in this book I plan to use. So even if you have already published a book or books this will be useful in broadening your reader base. I was provided a complimentary copy of this book for an honest and objective review and I am happy to highly recommend this book.

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About Felita Daniels

Felita Daniels runs the blog Lilac Reviews – for those that love to read and write. She is also a member of the East Tennessee Creative Writers Alliance and the Knoxville Writer’s Guild. Preparing a workshop for ETCWA on getting reviews was the impetus for the book.

Her mystery novel, The Case of the Sad Sons is to be released in the middle of 2016.

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