Naked Eye-Opener: To Reach the Dream You Must Forget About It by Gisela Hausmann

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Let me say up front I am not a fan of self–help books. I have read my share and they almost always sound preachy. “If only you will do what I tell you, you will have the perfect life”. That being said I started Ms. Hausmann’s book with more than a little prejudice. I was knocked off my feet almost immediately. This is not a preachy, sweeter than sugar book that says we can all have we want. This is a book that says you have to work for what you want. And after you do your best you might not get it. But that does not make things a complete loss.

Explaining we must be invested in reaching our dreams is probably the key to the process. Just saying you want to have a dream home, a dream job, or a dream mate is not going to make it happen. It takes determination and work to make dreams become reality. Setting up reasonable goals and achieving them is as important as reaching that final goal. If the path you follow doesn’t lead to the end you desire, step back, take a look, and reinvest.

Ask yourself, is it YOUR dream or is the dream of the Joneses next door? Is it your dream or your co-workers dream? Is it your dream or the dream of your bestie? If it just because the dream is what everyone seems to want you will not be invested in it. You can’t be invested in another person’s dream. What makes you happy is not what makes them happy. Give serious thought to your dreams then commit yourself to making them realities.

Ms. Hausmann imparts these ideas with simple, realistic terms. There is no cookie cutter path to follow. But there are things that you can do to work toward making dreams come true.

I highly recommend this book. Hausmann uses wonderful examples of famous people we can still relate to. I found her book inspiring, informative, and down-to-earth. It’s a no holds barred, you are responsible for your destiny, self-help book.

I was given a copy of this book for an honest review and I can honestly recommend it for everyone, whatever the goal or dream waiting to be realized.

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