Silent Admirer (Detective Temeke Crime Series Book) By Claire Stibbe

Once again author Claire Stibbe hits a home run with the latest addition to the Detective Temeke series. “Silent Admirer” showcases Stibbe’s grasp of police procedures and the disturbed human psyche. Beginning with a 10-year old girl waking to the sound of her mother shouting and seeing the woman shot, Stibbe takes the reader on a twisted journey of murder, drugs, and terror. When Dai … Continue reading Silent Admirer (Detective Temeke Crime Series Book) By Claire Stibbe

Easy Prey (The Detective Temeke Crime Series Book 5) by Claire Stibbe

As a fan of Detective Temeke and his partner Malin Santiago, I was delighted to see a new book in the series. Easy Prey, by Claire Stibbe features a fascinating character, Jessie Bowman, who embodies the indestructible illusion of youth. When her best friend, Brianna Ortiz, disappears from their tent while on a camping trip, Jessie is thrown into a dangerous game of cat and mouse with … Continue reading Easy Prey (The Detective Temeke Crime Series Book 5) by Claire Stibbe

“Dead Cold” by Claire Stibbe

I was excited to see author Claire Stibbe had added a new crime thriller with Detectives Temeke and Malin Santiago to her impressive series. The title, Dead Cold, and the cover of the book assured me this would be another gripping story. Stibbe is skilled at making the reader feel like he is right there, at the scene of the crime, in the office as … Continue reading “Dead Cold” by Claire Stibbe

“Reservations” by Richard Paolinelli

  “Reservations” by Richard Paolinelli is an intriguing mystery/thriller set in the American Southwest. Super FBI agent Jack Del Rio is called upon to investigate bizarre murders in New Mexico. The President of the Navajo Nation contacts an old friend who is high ranking in the FBI for help in finding the killer of three members of the tribal council. The crimes occurred in the area … Continue reading “Reservations” by Richard Paolinelli

“Past Rites” by Claire Stibbe

Past Rites is the third book in Claire Stibbe’s Detective Temeke’s Crime Series and like the first two it packs a wallop. This is a deeply psychological examination of bullies and the cliques that engage in those behaviors. Beyond that Stibbe tackles the subject of child abuse and the subsequent psychological damage it does. When Temeke is removed from Homicide he is assigned the laborious … Continue reading “Past Rites” by Claire Stibbe

Night Eyes (The Detective Temeke Crime Series Book 2) by Claire Stibbe

Night Eyes is the second book in the Temeke Crime Series by Claire Stibbe and is even more fascinating than the first. Once again Detectives David Temeke and Malin Santiago are called on to investigate a bizarre crime. This time the twelve year old son of Albuquerque Mayor Bill Oliver has been kidnapped. Adam Oliver isn’t your ordinary pre-teen; he’s a Boy Scout whose nickname, … Continue reading Night Eyes (The Detective Temeke Crime Series Book 2) by Claire Stibbe

“The 9th Hour” by CMT Stibbe

Set in colorful New Mexico, The 9th Hour successfully combines the intense investigation to find a serial killer before he strikes again with the inner workings of the killer’s mind. Into this mix comes a British born detective of African descent and a killer obsessed with Nordic mythology. Stibbe’s ability to bring these diverse elements together shows skilled writing. Her ability to do this effectively, … Continue reading “The 9th Hour” by CMT Stibbe

Claire Stibbe

Author Name:  Claire Stibbe Book Title:  The 9th Hour Genre and Sub-Genre:  Crime, Psychological Thriller, mystery Book Content Rating PG13 Author Bio Originally from England, Claire lived in Hong Kong for three years before eventually finding a second home in New Mexico, USA. Her genres include Historical Fiction and Crime. She has written two historical fiction novels, Chasing Pharaohs and The Fowler’s Snare, both set … Continue reading Claire Stibbe