Night Eyes (The Detective Temeke Crime Series Book 2) by Claire Stibbe

Night Eyes
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Night Eyes is the second book in the Temeke Crime Series by Claire Stibbe and is even more fascinating than the first. Once again Detectives David Temeke and Malin Santiago are called on to investigate a bizarre crime. This time the twelve year old son of Albuquerque Mayor Bill Oliver has been kidnapped. Adam Oliver isn’t your ordinary pre-teen; he’s a Boy Scout whose nickname, Night Eyes, is only one indication of his skills. After seeing his father, the Mayor, shot by kidnapper Ramsey, he manages to hold things together long enough to leave a few clues for the detectives to follow.

The growing relationship between Adam and his kidnapper is intriguing as they develop a peculiar bond of friendship. It’s obvious Ramsey has no intention of harming the boy nor does he seem particularly interested in the ransom money. Ramsey’s focus seems to be spending time with his hostage.

As Ramsey and Adam navigate the wild woods of New Mexico, Temeke and Santiago attempt to piece together the clues to the kidnapper’s identity. I enjoyed the interplay between Temeke and his fellow investigators but what truly held my interest was the growing relationship between Ramsey and Adam. In addition there are not so subtle hints about the involvement of the Mayor and his wife Raine in the kidnapping.

The underlying stories of a serial killer on the loose, Raine Oliver’s relationship with her husband, and the suggestion some huge part of the puzzle holds the answer to the events kept me reading far past my bedtime. Even when I figured out part of the mystery I was driven to learn what the final resolution would be.

Stibbe did not disappoint as she concluded the story with a painful if rewarding climax. Temeke’s brilliant insight into the criminal mind once again contributes to a satisfying conclusion.

I’m eagerly looking forward to the next book in this series and the further development of the relationship between Temeke and Santiago. Kudos to Stibbe for creating a convincing set of characters in a tightly woven plot. Keep up the good work because I am definitely hooked!

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6 thoughts on “Night Eyes (The Detective Temeke Crime Series Book 2) by Claire Stibbe

    1. I love your writing styles; both your skill with ancient Egypt in your historical fiction and your ability to create a solid suspense story with the Temeke series. I’m looking forward to the next book!

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