“A Love Haunting” (An OBX Haunting) by Suzi Albracht

         “Every woman needs a man who will love them to the end of time. A man who puts her needs before his. A man who takes her breath away with a single glance. A man who will do whatever it takes to have a last goodbye kiss.

What happens when a trio of ghosts from the 1800s and a skateboarding angel team up to help a newly-dead young husband spend one final goodbye night with the young wife he left behind? And what if a storm of the century threatens to get in the way?”


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As a fan of Suzi Albracht, I was delighted to see her new book, A Love Haunting (An OBX Haunting). I was even more excited to find the story is set in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, one of my favorite vacation spots. As I dove into the book I was surprised to find this wasn’t Albracht’s usual horror fare. This is a delightful paranormal ghostly love story.


                Beginning when Jordan Snow and his pregnant wife Emily are returning home from a vacation at the Outer Banks. As they are driving, a car containing a group of drunk teens crosses into their lane. Totally unaware of the Snow’s car, their station wagon clips the front of the red Camaro sending the Snows off the road and down an embankment. Landing upside down in a ditch, it is several minutes before Jordan regains consciousness. Both he and Emily are trapped in the car. Suddenly Jordan discovers that he has been killed in the accident.

What follows is Jordan’s desperate attempts to get help for his unconscious wife. As the story progresses, Jordan begins to deal with his situation. Emily has been saved but the loss of her beloved husband is devastating. One of the nurses who cares for her is psychic and she observes Jordan’s ghost when he visits his wife. However, Emily is unable to see or hear him.

The story is told from Jordan’s point of view except for occasional insights into what is happening with Emily. Jordan meets another ghost, Luke, who is adventurous. He skateboards, surfs, and takes on the task of familiarizing Jordan with the rules of being a ghost. Eventually, Jordan is introduced to other local spirits.

This is a poignant and touching story of the love between a man and a woman that survives death. Jordan’s bond to his wife is so strong he will go to any lengths to see her again, even after she is moved to a hospital in Maryland where she will be close to her parents.

Jordan himself states, “I am a ghost, and this is my love story.” That is exactly what this sweet story is. Jordan’s and Emily’s love is so strong, even death doesn’t part them. Albracht presents some very creative ideas about the afterlife. Jordan’s experiences are often amusing, and sometimes a little frightening. All in all, this is a lighthearted, if somewhat tragic, ghostly love story. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good paranormal romance. It’s a fun and easy 5-star read, appropriate for teens through adult readers. 

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Excerpt from A Love Haunting  by Suzi Albracht   Suzi_Albracht

 This short chapter in A Love Haunting begins Jordan’s existence as a Living Dead (LD). It appears a quarter of the way into the novel. It takes place after he feels he has lost his one true love and just before he meets Luke, a skateboarding angel, and the trio of ghosts from the 1800s who become his friend.

“Love… death… forever. That’s the story of my life apparently.

So Emily had left the Banks. In my mind, I knew she had to go, but now I am lonelier than I’ve ever been in my life. Right after the accident, my world was devastated because of my loss of Emily, our baby and… my life.

And then when Emily was in the hospital, I found a way to be near to her again, if only in a small way. Now she is gone and my life is really over. Now I have no one.

Sure I could have hung around Allie, bugging her but it would not have been fair to her. Besides, she was on her way to being a nurse practitioner, and I knew she’d be a damn good one. So while Allie was in school, I was going to leave her be, but I did plan on helping her when she embarked on her new career. Besides, I wanted to convince Allie to shoot bigger and become a doctor. Being a physician was her real calling, she just didn’t know it yet.

In the meantime, I made up my mind I was going to make the best of my new dead life, and that would require some hands-on research. Research had always been one of my strong suits. That and evaluation.

And there was something else I wanted to research but didn’t dare until I figured out all the rules and restrictions of my dead existence. I didn’t want to lose my wife, so I was going to try to… do something.

So since I had loads of free time on my hands, I would start by exploring to see what was what.

What am I supposed to do about my feelings now that I’m dead? My life can’t end like this. It just can’t.

Wow, I hadn’t allowed myself to admit that I was actually dead until now. Dead and buried and the whole nine yards.

Well, it’s true. I died a few feet off a highway in North Carolina, not far from my favorite vacation paradise – the Outer Banks.

I am a ghost, and this is my love story.”


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