“Red Queen Check: An Electric Eclectic Book”

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I’m excited to announce Electric Eclectic Books has released another of my novelettes, “Red Queen Check.” It’s an expanded version of a short story I wrote a few years ago. Exploring the themes of revenge, power, and wealth, it is timely. With so many high profile cases of women being sexually assaulted by wealthy men in influential positions flooding the media, the story of Mark and Vayda could spring from recent headlines.


If you haven’t been introduced to Electric Eclectic Books, they are novelettes (slightly longer than short stories) by a variety of well known, international indie writers. High-quality books at a reasonable cost, they provide readers with the opportunity to discover “new to you writers” and stories in multiple genres.

In today’s busy lives, we often put the idea of reading for pleasure aside. These shorter, entertaining books fit into any schedule. Accessible on tablets, e-readers, or mobile phones, they can be read as you journey to and from school or work, on your lunch hour, or anytime you have a little spare time.

Electric Eclectic Books can be found if you do a web search, a search using the Amazon Search, and on Facebook. Priced economically at $1.00 in the United States, they are comparably priced worldwide.

I invite you to explore the Electric Eclectic website and see what this innovative method of reading is all about. You can find the books that are available, “meet” the authors, and learn about competitions where you can win Amazon gift cards.

As a reader as well as an author, I have read several of the books and reviewed them. You can find those reviews on my blog and at Amazon.

               Excerpt: “Red Queen Check”

As Mark continued to converse with the two men, Vayda gazed around the room, sizing up the other guests. Quite a few caught her eye and nodded, indicating their awareness of her presence. Finally, Mark brought his lips close to her ear again, the sultry scent of her perfume that smelled of summer filling his head. “Let’s blow this popcorn stand.”

                Offering him a dazzling smile she allowed her lips to graze his cheek as she whispered, “I definitely feel like blowing something.”

                Mark felt a swelling in his groin as he waited for the valet to bring his car around. Running his hand up and down Vayda’s back, he leaned closer allowing the rich musky scent of her to tickle his nose. Holding the car door, she slid into the passenger seat, the high slit in her dress opening to reveal a long shapely leg. He noted the valet’s eyes as they traveled up that leg and thrilled at the expression of envy that crossed his face.

               Once behind the wheel he put the car in drive and guided it out of the parking area. As they rode along the dark and winding road to his ocean view home, he laid one hand high on her leg.  She spread her thighs slightly, encouraging him to slip his hand between them. He accepted the invitation and delighted at the heat coming from the moistness of her silky thong panties.

-Red Queen Check-Elizabeth Horton-Newton

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4 thoughts on ““Red Queen Check: An Electric Eclectic Book”

  1. Reblogged this on Karen's Book Buzz Blog and commented:
    Another book by this wonderful writer, so I just had to share it with you. I’ve read several of Elizabeth’s books because they are so entertainsing.
    Also I love Electric Eclectic books for precisely the same reasons she mentions. They are books to read on any medium and great for a journey as a book on the go.
    Do check out the website to see the variety of authors and genres to choose from.

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