Silent Caller (Warfield’s Landing Book 1) by Adeara Allyne

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Nic has a phone stalker AND a new guy in her life.

The good cancels out the bad… Right?”

I’m always up for a romantic suspense book, especially from an author I haven’t previously read. The title of this book and the brief blurb sounded interesting. Unfortunately, the story was a disappointment.

            Silent Caller by Adeara Allyne had the potential to be a solid thriller but it lost direction and became a rambling, saccharin romance with a little mystery tossed in to justify using the term “suspense”.

From Daniel’s, the male half of the romantic duo, first sighting of Nic on the DC Metro to the contrived face to face meeting, the absurdity of the story moves sluggishly forward. Washington, DC is not a small town; it’s Metro busy and often crowded. The idea that he spotted the girl of his dreams on the opposite platform, going in the opposite direction is hard to swallow. When Daniel’s long-time friend Luke manages to track Nic down with nothing but her description, hard to swallow becomes absurd. I set aside my doubts and plunged ahead.

So many things about this book left me dissatisfied. Daniel regularly refers to Nic as his “little artist”. Granted there seems to be a reason for this later in the story but it was so irritating I would grit my teeth every time I read the words.

Without giving anything away I’ll say the plot was predictable. Getting to the point was painful. The on again/off again relationships were tedious. The dialogue is unrealistic. I couldn’t get invested in any of the characters. I didn’t hate them. They were simply boring. The one character I enjoyed was Bentley, the dog.

If a story is good, well written and compelling I can easily overlook editing issues. This book was so dull every misspelling grated on my nerves. I’d like to say I’ll give the author another try, but I’m not certain I want to invest any more time into a book that leaves me dissatisfied. I’m being generous to give this book three stars. Bentley earned one all by himself.

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