Found!: An Electric Eclectic Book by Karen J. Mossman

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When a tragedy strikes a small family, tensions grow until the only girl reaches her limit. With her parents dead, her eldest brother in charge, and her other brothers barely dealing with their loss Mandy takes off on her own telling no one she is leaving. Eight years later while watching television she sees her photo along with other missing people. Found!: An Electric Eclectic Book by author Karen J.Mossman examines how youth and misunderstandings led the young woman to walk away from her family.

            Mandy’s brother David wanted to keep the family together after their parents die in an automobile accident. At eighteen that was an ambitious goal. He assumed the care of his younger brother Scott and twins Aaron and Mandy. At the same time, David became romantically involved with Mandy’s best friend, Julie. Feeling displaced and in constant conflict with her brother, Scott, Mandy runs away from home.

Eight years later, after experiencing hard times, Mandy has changed her name to Amanda and is employed at a hotel in Scotland. It is when the hotel is being used to film a television show that Amanda sees her photo on television. Watching the program about missing people with one of the actors from the historical drama, Jamie, she tells him her story.

What ensues is a soul searching examination of how relationships can go awry and how misunderstandings can harm even the most loving family. Sometimes it takes the courage to face the past in order to build a happy future.

Mossman had pulled back the cover allowing the reader to examine the joys and sorrows of a family at odds. Overall, their love is the glue that can bind them together once more, if Amanda has the courage to reconnect.

This is a poignant tale with a sweet understory and a surprise twist at the end. If you enjoy a story of hope and love, you’ll like this novelette.

“Eight years ago, after a series of family arguments Mandy walked out and disappeared. For her family, it was devastating.
Changing her name to Amanda and moving to a different part of the country, she begins a new life working in a hotel. One evening a programme about missing people comes on the television. Her face fills the TV screen.
Everything Mandy had tried to forget returns with new clarity. Seeing the special bond families visiting her hotel have, she realises there is a hole in her heart where hers should be.
Will she have the courage to face the past and realise the misunderstanding was caused by her family’s unique situation?
Found! is a story of courage and hope and a bond that never breaks.”

Karen J. Mossman

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