Silent Caller (Warfield’s Landing Book 1) by Adeara Allyne

“Nic has a phone stalker AND a new guy in her life. The good cancels out the bad… Right?” I’m always up for a romantic suspense book, especially from an author I haven’t previously read. The title of this book and the brief blurb sounded interesting. Unfortunately, the story was a disappointment.             Silent Caller by Adeara Allyne had the potential to be a solid … Continue reading Silent Caller (Warfield’s Landing Book 1) by Adeara Allyne

Goodreads Book Giveaway!!

A psychological romantic thriller with more twists and turns than an amusement park roller coaster. Did an innocent young man serve time for a crime he didn’t commit? Is the new girl putting her life on the line by trusting him? Accidents are happening in Riddle? How many will die before the truth is revealed? Three signed copies will be given away. Opens for entries … Continue reading Goodreads Book Giveaway!!