“Captive” by Colleen French

As a fan of historical romance, I stumbled on this book by accident. While “Captive” by Collen French is not entirely accurate, it represents a basic picture of what America was like in the 18th century. The book portrays an interesting insight into the wars that were waged not only between invaders from across the sea but also between the native peoples of North America. … Continue reading “Captive” by Colleen French

Silent Caller (Warfield’s Landing Book 1) by Adeara Allyne

“Nic has a phone stalker AND a new guy in her life. The good cancels out the bad… Right?” I’m always up for a romantic suspense book, especially from an author I haven’t previously read. The title of this book and the brief blurb sounded interesting. Unfortunately, the story was a disappointment.             Silent Caller by Adeara Allyne had the potential to be a solid … Continue reading Silent Caller (Warfield’s Landing Book 1) by Adeara Allyne

“The Path of Silence” by Edita A. Petrick

Author Edita A. Petrick wastes no time in grabbing her readers’ attention in this crime thriller, The Path of Silence. When Baltimore Homicide Detective Meg Stanton and her partner Ken Leahman leave their desk jobs in the cold case unit and make a quick stop at the local 7-Eleven they are pulled into the strangest case of their careers. On leaving the convenience store they … Continue reading “The Path of Silence” by Edita A. Petrick