Win-Win with Electric Eclectic Books

Electric Eclectic Novelettes 5As many of my followers and supporters know, I love to write short stories. I enjoy the challenge of creating viable characters and setting them down in situations that range from the frightening to the poignant. Electric Eclectic Books has released five of my longer short stories, novelettes, under their banner. It’s an honor to have my work represented alongside such notable authors as Paul White, Karen Mossman, Ian Welch, Neil Douglas Newton, Rush Leaming, Markie Madden, and Ann Harrison Barnes. ElectricEclecticNovelettes A

            These well-written books are available on Amazon as Kindle reads and are priced economically. They offer an excellent way to discover new to you authors for $1.00/£1.00.

ElectricEclecticNovelettes B

As an added incentive, Electric Eclectic Books has set up a “prize draw.” How do you take advantage of this deal? It’s quite simple. Purchase and review one of the Electric Eclectic Books and leave a review on the Amazon book page. If the review is accepted and published, you will be entered to win a five pounds/dollars Amazon gift voucher.

It is a “win-win deal.” You get a great book to read, possibly find a new author to follow, and the opportunity to win an Amazon Gift Voucher.

This is a quarterly drawing, and the next is coming up June 2018! So, head on over to the Electric Eclectic Book site. Check out the authors and their books. You’re sure to find several to your liking.

Win Amazon vouchers in the Electric Eclectic Prize Draw

This is a simple prize draw.

Just leave your review of an Electric Eclectic book on Amazon and email Electric Eclectic a copy.

That’s it. So easy to enter. 

You will then be entered a quarterly draw, giving you the chance to win a five pounds/dollars Amazon gift voucher.

Prize draws take place each quarter, the next is June, followed bySeptember, the final one this year will be in December… a nice Christmas gift for the lucky winner.

To qualify for entry into the any of the draws, reviews must be from verified purchases of an Electric Eclectic book and the review must be accepted by Amazon and shown on the relevant books page.

The more Electric Eclectic books you buy the more chances you have of winning and with so many authors and so many books to choose from it will be easy peasy!

Winners will be announced on the Electric Eclectic Facebook page

and other social media.

My Electric Eclectic Reviews

Liberty: An Electric Eclectic Book 

Down By the River: An Electric Eclectic Book

Ambergris: An Electric Eclectic Book

Three Floors Up: An Electric Eclectic Book

Operation Debt Recovery: An Electric Eclectic Book

Distant Time: An Electric Eclectic Book

Miriam’s Hex: An Electric Eclectic Book

One thought on “Win-Win with Electric Eclectic Books

  1. Reblogged this on Between the Beats and commented:

    The chance to win a prize from Electric Eclectic Books is still open. I now have SIX books under their banner. Hurry over to the Electric Eclectic Website or look for these books on Amazon.

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