Conquered By the Alien Prince: An Alien Sci-Fi Romance by Rebel West


alien prince
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I have to confess I was a tad skeptical about reading an “alien sci-fi romance.” But, since one of the authors happens to be a favorite of mine, I decided to take a chance. I am delighted I did. Conquered By the Alien Prince: An Alien Sci-Fi Romance by Rebel West is dynamite. It’s a sexy, thrilling, creative book. Alien Prince Lock got me warmed up from the first description of his physique. The title of the book told me he would be a key player in this hot read. Before Dr. Cali Taylor took off on her journey to Luminar, I envied her trip.


However, this book is more than a simple steamy romance. Cali is going to Luminar to assist in finding a cure for Prince Lock’s brother, Maxxon the ruling prince. Suffering from a mysterious neurological disorder that grows worse daily, he is relying on Cali’s neurological skills to help his doctors find a cure. Dr. Jayya and Dr. Amakka have been struggling to discover what has caused Maxxon’s illness. Neither seems happy to have Cali join their team. In fact, they treat Cali with disrespect.

However, Prince Lock is impressed with her, although there is more to his interest than medical cures. It’s apparent from the moment they meet there is an attraction. It doesn’t take long before Prince Lock has introduced Cali to love, Luminar style. The romance and sex in this book are intense. The authors are no holds barred in describing the bedroom play between these two lovers.

Winding throughout the story is a hint of intrigue. Soon Cali discovers something about Maxxon’s condition that raises red flags and almost gets her killed. What occurs in the last chapters of this book is exciting and brings the story to a rewarding climax.

I loved this book. It’s a love story with plenty of sex, suspense, thrills, and passion. I highly recommend it and look forward to the next book in the series. I am definitely hooked.

Rebel West is a team of writing sisters: Alexis Alvarez, Maria Monroe, and Adrienne Perry. You can find each of the three sisters on Facebook, or on their website, Graffiti Fiction.


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