Three Weeks in September by Ted Tayler

three weeks
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As an avid follower of Phoenix and the Olympus Project, I couldn’t wait to dive into the latest action in Three Weeks in September. Author Ted Tayler has gone above and beyond in this book with the members of the Project meeting new and challenging obstacles.

From the very beginning, the book takes off running. Athena and Phoenix face an unexpected tragedy. Drawn into terrorist activity, they must put their loss aside to deal with the larger issue; is this a singular event or is there more death and destruction to come? Alongside this new threat is the already challenging problem of the Grid.

One attack is soon followed by another and more people die at the hands of the terrorists. The team works frantically to locate them suspecting more bombings are in the works. Utilizing the recently developed Irregulars, under the leadership of Hugh Fraser, the group is called into action with shocking results.

Meanwhile, with Hugo Hanigan out of the way, Colleen O’Riordan and her son strengthen their hold on the Grid. Colleen is proving to be more of a monster than Hanigan had been and there is little doubt she will keep tight reins on the leadership of the criminal organization.

There is more of the private lives of the Project members, and the difficulties faced by such a vigilante group keeping professional duties and intimate lives separate. A new character, Ambrosia, has tied her success to that of Hugh. Does she have an ulterior motive?

This book in the series is chock full of changes and challenges, making it a great read. I can’t wait for the next book to learn what Tayler has in store for the characters I have come to enjoy.

In this tenth story, the Grid becomes all-powerful under its new leadership. Olympus has its own internal battles bubbling under the surface. The UK is on the brink of buckling under the onslaught from organised crime and terror attacks sponsored by Islamist extremists.

Can Phoenix and the others stem the tide without revealing their hand? Step by step the true nature of all the main protagonists becomes more clear. Olympus has always operated in secret; will its security be breached at last?

Enough passion, excitement, and tragedy to last a lifetime; experienced in three weeks. The action never slows, and the tension never slackens.”


ted tayler
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