“Distant Time: An Electric Eclectic Novelette” by Karen J. Mossman


distant time
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Time travel is a popular subject for science fiction readers and writers. Karen J. Mossman puts an interesting twist on the subject in her novelette Distant Time. The story begins with Julie waking up in the past. It’s apparent from the beginning something out of the ordinary has happened. Normally time travelers are invisible to people in the past, but this time Julie can be seen. If that isn’t enough of an anomaly, at one point she comes face to face with herself.


Usually, time travel stories avoid the paradox of a traveler meeting herself in another time. Upon her return to the Travel, Room Julie feels as though something was wrong. Her team seems different and she is disoriented. As the team debriefs her and watches a recording of what happened on her trip, they notice irregularities. The group decides the best thing for her to do is to travel back to the same time again. On the second trip, Julie finds she is able to interact and communicate with the other “Julie”.

Within the story, there are references to World War II and the Nazis since that is the time period she has traveled to. Certainly, that is a time period that is ripe for drama and Mossman uses it without overdoing it.

I can easily see this novelette being expanded into a full-length book or even a series.


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