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“Average Daydreamer” a sweet romance by Anita Kovacevic is available on and

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Priscilla is happy being a successful, single, business woman. Or is she? With her best friend’s wedding approaching, she finds herself constantly daydreaming about romance with perfect men – doctors, firemen, secret agents, sexy chefs. Aiming for perfection, she tries to ignore an ordinary guy she sees every day and makes her feel… something. When perfection finally comes, she finds herself torn between her dreams and the reality. Perhaps dreamy perfection is just not something that ticks all her boxes. Are couples supposed to be perfect or are average relationships the stuff of life?

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“Trifling: Milani’s Story” by London Starr is available on

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Fourteen-year-old Milani Elliot’s suffered crisis on top of crisis, the likes of which most people never come back from, eventually pushing her over an edge, into a promiscuous lifestyle at only sixteen, allowing her to use boys then men from every walk of life as the years progressed in Miami, Florida. However, she had no idea that she would meet the one true love of her life at the tender age seventeen; a year after she started looking for love in all the wrong places and she had no idea he would break her heart because of her trifling behavior.
Eight years later, she’s developed a sex schedule and has no problem tossing men off of like day-old trash when they can no longer fulfill whatever need that made her sleep with them in the first place, but it’s time for Milani to learn that Karma’s a bitch who will make her pay for every selfish misdeed that earned her the title of ‘Trifling’. She just doesn’t know that she’ll pay for every transgression at one time, in one night, and maybe even with her only life.
Rhys Malone is the last person that Milani allowed to hurt her. He’s a married, criminal attorney that loves his wife wholeheartedly, and he’ll never cross the vast distance between who he and Milani are inside and out as people. To him, she’ll always be a drug kingpin’s daughter and a whore.
The murder of Rhys’ wife will put Milani on his street, in the right place at the wrong time, to come face to face with the love of her life, who accuses her of the killing. He’s certain her love for him is the cause, giving her every reason to clear her name. They enter the proverbial, sinking boat together, unwillingly. The vast distance between a drug kingpin’s daughter and a wealthy, married lawyer will start to shrink, as they look for his wife’s killer. They both will drown if they don’t find the murderer in time.

“Life Sentence” by Lily Luchesi is available on

Suffering pretty gothic girl with chains over dark
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She can fight evil, but can she fight the darkness in her own blood?
After the disastrous events with Miranda have subsided, Danny and Angelica have to adjust to a new kind of life at the Paranormal Investigative Division.
Fiona is still on the loose, and she has all of Hell on her side. Danny begins to enhance his psychic abilities with the help of a soul just like his. Angelica is caught between a rock and a very dark place.
Can their love survive these new trials, or will the past tear them apart?

“Inimicus” by T.H. Morris is available for pre-order on Amazon and will be released on August 9th

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“Scius is the obvious enemy. Inimicus is the enemy that you don’t know you don’t know. The one you’d never see coming in a million lifetimes.”
That was what Jonah was told.
And now, he knows Inimicus is in the game. His unseen enemy is prowling through the shadows, making moves that no one can predict or prevent, and armed with a weapon more dangerous than any ethereal blade or staff: anonymity.
Jonah thought he had ventured into uncharted waters before, but the past was nothing compared to this. In the past, the enemies were known. Now, no amount of power can help you fight an enemy that you “don’t know you don’t know.”
In this latest installment in The 11th Percent Series, loyalties will be tested. People will lose sight of what’s truly important. The line between friend and enemy will get blurred. And the question everyone’s mind is also the same one that holds the difference between victory and downfall: Who can you trust? 

“Emely’s Destiny” (An Erotic Vampire Novella Book 2) by Ariel Marie

Available for pre-order on Amazon for $.99. Release date August 20, 2016

ariel marie cover reveal
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 Norrix Buchner’s loyalty knew no boundaries. As a king’s guard and one of the deadliest vampires, he was sworn to remain true to his king. In the absence of his king, he led the king’s guard in protecting and providing a safe refuge for displaced vampires. Now that the vampire king had returned, negotiations between vampires and humans have commenced. Norrix was assigned the task to ensure that the humans maintained their part of the treaty. Destiny led him to discover an imprisoned female vampire with large gray eyes and it just about broke him.
Two years had passed since her capture. Life as a lab rat, subjected to inhumane experiments was not how Emely Winter imagined she would spend the rest of her days. She prayed for the day that she would be free, but was beginning to lose all hope. Never in a million years, would she have believed that her rescuer would be the infamous Norrix Buchner, king’s guard and champion for vampires everywhere.
Their meeting was unconventional but love was instant. Emely and Norrix’s passion burned bright in their darkened world. Destiny may have led them to each other but will Norrix and Emely be able to secure their future, together?
WARNING: This books contains material for mature readers (18+ and older) only.

August Book Deals:

“Malika’s Revenge” by Philip Strang $.99 on Amazon 

Malikas Revenge
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The smugglers’ village, close to the Afghan border, is cold and unwelcoming – its only entertainment, the whores who will put on a show and give themselves to anyone willing to pay. A Russian gangster on the run from a KGB agent finds himself there against his will, but where else can he go – the agent wants him dead. The gangster forms a bond with Malika, one of the whores, sees some worth in her until he catches her selling herself to an Afghan.

A drug lord enjoys a lifestyle many would envy. An Afghan warlord sees the resurgence of the Taliban. A Russian white-collar criminal portrays himself as a good and honest citizen in Moscow.

All are entwined in an audacious plan to raise the quantity of heroin shipped out of Afghanistan and into Russia and ultimately the West.

Some will succeed, some will die, some will be resurrected from their plight and others will rue the day they became involved.

The drug lord sees the Russian mafia taking his business. He will not let it happen without a fight. The Afghan smugglers’ leadership, double-dealing and treacherous as ever sense an opportunity to play the Tajikistan drug lord off against the Russian mafia. The Afghans only care for their money, not who they deal with and if that means death to a few or many, concerns them little. Profit is what they want for their disparate causes, and the cost of a life has little value.

 My Book Recommendations for August:


“Reaching for the Light: An Incest Survivor’s Story” by JC Christian

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The crime of child sexual assault is a national tragedy. With unflinching honesty, author J.C. Christian takes readers on a journey into the private world of the incest survivor.
In a world rarely seen outside a therapist’s office, J.C. shares her inspirational journey of recovery and healing.

About the Author: J.C. Christian is a new author living in the rolling green fields of Nebraska with her husband, David Christian, a musician. After nearly two decades as a social worker, J.C. is now a full time author and advocate for survivors of childhood trauma.
“Reaching for the Light: Incest Survivor’s Story” tells the very personal story of her recovery from the trauma of incest. When asked why she chose such a personal topic for her first published book, J.C. shared “I wrote this book as a gift of hope, inspiration, and healing for the approximately 40 million women in the United States who are or will be victims of this crime. It’s time we take incest out of the dark where it hides and shine the light on the lives it devastates. The survivors of this crime deserve to be recognized for the incredibly courageous people we are“.
“Reaching for the Light: An Incest Survivor’s Story” is now available for purchase on
J.C. ‘s next book “Searching for the Light Together: Incest Survivors and the Challenge of Relationships” is scheduled for release in February, 2017. The third book in this series “The Light Through the Trees: Trauma Survivors Through the Generations” is planned for the Spring of 2018


“Night Eyes” (The Detective Temeke Crime Series Book 2) by Claire Stibbe

Night Eyes
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When the young son of Albuquerque’s Mayor is kidnapped, Detective David Temeke and his partner Malin Santiago are called to investigate.
Meanwhile, a ten year enquiry into the murders of several young boys has gone cold. No witnesses, no suspect. Or so the police believe. But a mysterious phone call leads Temeke and Santiago to the remains of a young boy found near the ancient ruins of an Anasazi settlement. Is this a random act or the work of the serial killer?
Drawn deeper into the wilderness by a man waging a war with his past, twelve year old boy-scout, Adam, must use everything he has learned to stay alive.
Temeke and Santiago are pushed to the limit in the second book of this thrilling, fast-paced series set in New Mexico.

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August Book of the Month:

“Beslynx Spiritwalker: A Companion Novella to the Followers of Torments Saga” by K. Caffee

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What do you do when a family curse puts you in direct opposition to Pack Law?
Beslynx is a werecat born to a werewolf pack. She faces that question every day of her life, until her secret is revealed by her younger brother. Now that it has been disclosed, she must find answers quickly to survive in a world fearful of all wereclans.
Beslynx Spiritwalker is a companion novella to the Follower of Torments series. Join her as she shares her story prior to “Into the Sunlits”.


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