Gems of Strength Release Party

Gems of Strength Release Party

Gems Strength

The official release party for Gems of Strength, an anthology by women authors all over the world will take place online from May 28th to May 30th. The Gems of Sisterhood is a unique series compiled by a group of women authors, many of whom have previously released works. Each of the themed “Gems of Sisterhood” books will feature strong female protagonists (that’s the good guys, or gals, as this case is), and the theme of our first book is the underlying strength of women in general.

In spite of advances in societal thinking women are still paid less than their male counterparts, are viewed as weaker, and often have to fight tooth and nail for every step up the ladder we make.

I’m honored to have been invited to take part in this series. As a domestic violent survivor and thriver I had plenty of experience to draw on.

Make no mistake this is not an anthology exclusively for women. Many men rise to support and promote women. Many men will enjoy these stories as much as a woman will. So please join us as we launch this exciting new series with our first book, “Gems of Strength” celebrating the strength, courage, and resilience of women worldwide.

“The weaker sex? There’s no such thing! Enter Anna, who fights against evil for what she knows is right. Enter Chessie, who must battle prejudice and overcome the torment she holds inside. Read Delia’s story, a struggle against domestic violence. Follow the tale of Apple as she struggles with her demons. And be inside the story with nameless women who must deal with the loss of a child, the inner struggle of uncertain sexuality, the escape from domestic violence, the healing of assault, and the finding of love.

These characters embody the strength of women, strip away the illusion of weakness, and bring hope of things to come. The authors of The Sisterhood bring you these poignant short stories and demonstrate there is nothing weak about women!”

 The Authors and Stories of the Sisterhood

The Gems of Sisterhood Webpage

Alana Madden–Angel Strong
Ann Harrison–A Whirlwind of Memories
Ashley Melanson–Fox
Chrissy Moon–Bettina
Christie Stratos–Focal Point
Claire Plaisted–Deep in the Valley
Elizabeth Horton-Newton–Burned Toast
Jane Frances TBA
Jennifer Roche–Hidden Identities
Karen J. Mossman–The Road to Happiness
Kirsten Campbell–The Gravedigger’s Mark
Kristy Wagner–See
LG Surgeson–Any Kind of Velvet
Markie Madden–Vanquish
Mistral Dawn–Childish Things (Chessie’s Story)
Natasha Madden–Undeniable Love
Thanna A. Setliff–Combustion
Valarie Savage Kinney–A Mother’s Heart

Here’s a list of links where you can pre-order Gems of Strength!

Google Play:
Google Books:

 Gems of Sisterhood Facebook

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