Gems of Strength Release Party

Gems of Strength Release Party The official release party for Gems of Strength, an anthology by women authors all over the world will take place online from May 28th to May 30th. The Gems of Sisterhood is a unique series compiled by a group of women authors, many of whom have previously released works. Each of the themed “Gems of Sisterhood” books will feature strong … Continue reading Gems of Strength Release Party

Bruce Jenner Transgender

It’s somewhat sad when the biggest news of the day is that Bruce Jenner is transitioning to be a woman. It’s even sadder that I have chosen to blog about it. But here goes.First off, this has been “confirmed” by an unnamed source according to People Magazine, something I always find questionable. And we are talking about People Magazine home of the Sexiest Man Alive … Continue reading Bruce Jenner Transgender