“Seven Stops” by Robyn Cain

    Author Bio While in high school, Robyn’s writing dreams budded and waned. Those dreams were rekindled after accomplishing a first class honours degree in English/Writing, and a PGCE.  Robyn went on to complete her Masters in Creative Writing and taught English and creative writing. When she’s not writing, Robyn loses herself watching films and reading; creatively crocheting; baking; pickling; socializing with friends and … Continue reading “Seven Stops” by Robyn Cain

Depression and the Holidays

It’s the holiday season. We’ve passed Thanksgiving and now Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s is here. Somewhere in the midst of all that celebrating you suddenly feel as though the bottom dropped out. Shopping, caroling, entertaining, parties; whatever you’re doing and wherever you are, you just feel overwhelmed.  Maybe you realize you’ve spent more than you should have. Perhaps you forgot to invite someone to … Continue reading Depression and the Holidays