Nothing Is Ever Forever (The Phoenix Series Book 3) by Ted Tayler

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Ted Tayler, Author 
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This latest book in the Phoenix series once again shows Ted Tayler’s skill at creating a thrill packed story of terrorism. His ability to weave recent events into a taut tale of good guys versus bad guys is unsurpassed.

In Nothing Is Ever Forever Phoenix and the Olympus Project are faced with another high priority assignment. I didn’t think Tayler could top the action surrounding the London Olympics but he has. Now the terrorists are poised to strike directly at the British monarchy and it will take all the skills of Phoenix and his associates to stop them.

Tayler’s insights into the operations of ISIS and British security are phenomenal. He sets the tone early on and the tension builds beautifully. There is less of the romance between the beautiful and capable Athena and our hero in this book. But Tayler is smart enough to remind us she is there and electricity still flows between these two. Following through on hints in earlier books Erebus moves toward retirement and naming Athena as his successor. Some new characters are introduced and old characters revived.

While the talents of the Olympus Project and the terrorists well designed plans are the focus of the book, the real life experiences of the characters are never neglected. Tayler is able to give his characters substance and genuine identities. These aren’t simply “soldiers” in a war of terror; these are people who have ordinary lives filled with love, pain, and uncertainty.

I particularly enjoy the progression of Phoenix during the course of the books. He matures as his involvement with the Project is solidified. Tayler’s proficiency as a writer also develops positively in each succeeding book.

If you have read either of the earlier “Phoenix” books you are certain to enjoy this one. While it can be read as a standalone story, the experience will be even more enjoyable if you read the series in order. At any rate, be prepared to stay up all night to reach the dramatic conclusion of this brilliant part three of The Phoenix series.

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