“Connected: The Shift” by Michelle Medhat

Connected: The ShiftConnected: The Shift by Michelle Medhat
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“Connected: The Shift” by Michelle Medhat is aptly named as this second part of the story takes a remarkable shift. While the evil protagonists from The Call increase in power, Al Nadir led by Dr. Salim Al Douri and Dr. Sabena Sanantoni display even more ruthless behaviors. As Sam Noor continues to lead the battle against the evil twosome and their followers things are happening in Sam’s personal life that can change the path of destruction the Earth is spinning on. It also becomes evident that Sam’s beloved wife Ellie is more than just a pretty romantic interest. Here is where Medhat takes a sharp turn and creatively melds science fiction, spies, terrorism, and romance into a breathtaking tale of good versus evil. In the end the biggest threat the Earth faces is not Al Nadir but interference from Kudamun where the forces of dark and light struggle to maintain equilibrium in the universe. The light side (the Ruling Side of Giznu) represented by Aby-od and the dark side (The Opposing House of Etima) represented by Lord Aswa-da disagree on how the planet Ki (Earth) should be handled. The interactions between these two leaders shadow those of the leaders on Earth as political intrigue proves to be a truly universal issue. Medhat’s ability to relate the eternal battle between light and dark, good and evil in both the settings of Earth and Kudamun is skillfully handled. As the tension increases it is apparent there is more going on than just a fight for Earth’s survival. Capturing the age old horror of hopelessness, isolation, and loneliness Medhat brings things to a terrifying climax. I highly recommend this book for readers who enjoy action packed stories with unexpected twists and turns. Be warned there is some extreme violence but it serves to define the strength of some characters as well as the evil that exists in others.

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