The Magic of Reading

Originally posted on Anita's Haven:
The image and quote above appeared on Facebook today and I completely agree with the quote. Deep reading, extensive reading, reading for fun or school/work, all kinds of reading help. Reading definitely only has positive effects on our intelligence, mental, social and emotional, but it is not only the stories themselves that do the trick. The actual process of… Continue reading The Magic of Reading

“Connected: The Shift” by Michelle Medhat

Connected: The Shift by Michelle Medhat My rating: 5 of 5 stars “Connected: The Shift” by Michelle Medhat is aptly named as this second part of the story takes a remarkable shift. While the evil protagonists from The Call increase in power, Al Nadir led by Dr. Salim Al Douri and Dr. Sabena Sanantoni display even more ruthless behaviors. As Sam Noor continues to lead … Continue reading “Connected: The Shift” by Michelle Medhat