The Magic of Reading

This a wonderful blog about the joy and value of reading to children.

Anita's Haven


The image and quote above appeared on Facebook today and I completely agree with the quote. Deep reading, extensive reading, reading for fun or school/work, all kinds of reading help. Reading definitely only has positive effects on our intelligence, mental, social and emotional, but it is not only the stories themselves that do the trick.

The actual process of reading, sitting down with somebody you care about, whether it is your child, grandchild, student, or even an adult, is a wonderful experience – you share time, place, dreams, worlds… Children are especially open to gratitude – after a busy day, having their parent sit down and set this time aside only for them… there is nothing better than this! There is no better gift that you can give your child than your time and attention.

Of course, if you read and comment along with children, ask for their opinion and…

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