Death Most Wicked by Suzi Albracht

Death Most Wicked is the third part of Ms. Albracht’s Devil’s Due Collection. It is, in fact, something of a prequel, outlining the involvement of Detective Mikhael Ruskoff’s involvement in the bizarre serial murders occurring in the Baltimore area. As an introduction to Ruskoff it is an excellent book. The detective emerges as a compassionate human being and a loving family man. In fact sometimes … Continue reading Death Most Wicked by Suzi Albracht

“Gold, Silver, and Bombs: The Phoenix Series Book 2” by Ted Tayler

In his second book of the Phoenix series, “Gold, Silver, and Bombs”, Ted Tayler amps up the action and the tension. As the Olympus Project tackles the potential terrorist attacks on the 2012 London Olympics, Colin (Phoenix) rises in the esteem of his fellow project warriors. The teams throw out all the stops as they attempt to outwit terrorist plans to use the Olympics as … Continue reading “Gold, Silver, and Bombs: The Phoenix Series Book 2” by Ted Tayler

Birthing a Book: The Launch of “Riddle”

On Sunday June 21, 2015 I launched my second book, “Riddle”. She “weighed” in at a whopping 326 pages. That’s quite a bit larger than her older sister, “View From the Sixth Floor: An Oswald Tale” who was a tiny 212 pages. I hope older sister won’t feel too threatened by “Riddle”; after all “View” has 48 reviews already and has a delightful 4.5-star rating … Continue reading Birthing a Book: The Launch of “Riddle”

“Riddle”- Book Launch and Author Takeover

June 21, 2015 at noon Eastern Time the exciting new book “Riddle” will be available on Kindle. It promises to be 326 pages of suspense, romance, murder, sex, love, and mystery. A fine group of authors will get together for six hours to talk about their books as well. There will be games, giveaways, gifts, and fun. These are authors from a variety of genres. … Continue reading “Riddle”- Book Launch and Author Takeover

Author Interview – Elizabeth Horton-Newton

Originally posted on Marcia Weber Martins:
Today I welcome  Elizabeth Horton-Newton, I was born and raised in New York City and started writing short stories when I was in elementary school. I studied Communications at Long Island University in Brooklyn, New York. Moving to Tennessee in 1989 I earned a degree in Psychology with a minor in Sociology. I also hold a certification in Forensic… Continue reading Author Interview – Elizabeth Horton-Newton

“On the Edge” by T.S. Krupa

“On the Edge” by T.S. Krupa is the story of widow Andy Parker and her daughter, Hayden Grace. While Andy struggles to balance life as a single mother who works full time, Hayden Grace struggles with lagging interest in snow-boarding. What had been her life-long passion suddenly seems to have lost its magical hold on her and Andy is concerned at this change in her … Continue reading “On the Edge” by T.S. Krupa

The Half-Shape Child by Megan Fatheree

The Half Shape Child by Megan Fatheree My rating: 4 of 5 stars Every once in a while I come across a book that surprises me by its originality. “The Half-Shape Child” by Megan Fatheree is one of those books. It is a science fiction/fantasy tale for Young Adults that is just as exciting and engrossing for an adult audience. The story follows two children, … Continue reading The Half-Shape Child by Megan Fatheree

“Riddle” Book Cover Reveal

Thanks to all the readers who came out to support the cover reveal for “Riddle” today on Facebook. It was a great turnout and I got to give away an e-copy and a signed paperback. Along with the cover I shared a couple of excerpts from the book. If you missed it here are the excerpts I shared. I hope you enjoy them and will … Continue reading “Riddle” Book Cover Reveal

Cover Reveal for “Riddle” by Elizabeth Horton-Newton

On May 25th at 9:00 AM ET (until 6:00 PM ET) please join me as I reveal the cover for my new book, “Riddle”. I am very impressed with the artwork of Rachel Bostwick who has captured the essence of the story. There will be games and prizes and, I hope, fun. So put on your most comfortable clothes, find a relaxing spot, grab your … Continue reading Cover Reveal for “Riddle” by Elizabeth Horton-Newton