Birthing a Book: The Launch of “Riddle”

Created with love from Petra Burger -

On Sunday June 21, 2015 I launched my second book, “Riddle”. She “weighed” in at a whopping 326 pages. That’s quite a bit larger than her older sister, “View From the Sixth Floor: An Oswald Tale” who was a tiny 212 pages. I hope older sister won’t feel too threatened by “Riddle”; after all “View” has 48 reviews already and has a delightful 4.5-star rating overall. Not too shabby for a first born.
But more about “Riddle”; she has some things to offer that her older sister doesn’t, besides her larger size. The protagonists in “Riddle” are much younger, in their twenties, which makes them a bit livelier. (Although Bill and Olivia certainly showed the world that couples in their sixties and seventies can still act like “twenty-year olds”.) Similar to “View”, Kort Eriksen has been accused and convicted of murder. Grace Donahue, the new girl temporarily in the town of Riddle, believes in him. Unlike “View” there are more murders; a lot more murders. The plot twists and turns and as new characters are introduced, suspicion will undoubtedly shift from one to another.
The subplot of this book also addresses an injustice. You see, Kort, a First Nations man (Native American), was illegally adopted by a couple who turned out to be abusive. He is never accepted in Riddle due to his heritage. This is actually something that has happened to many First Nations children. In fact I address this in the forward to the book.
The developing relationship between Kort and Grace has a few twists of its own. Of course there are others in the town as well. There are enough players to make you wonder who is a bad guy and who is a good guy. But there are not so many you lose track. Just when you think you have it all figured out, well, bingo. Here you go again!
I hope you will check out “Riddle”. I know you will find it entertaining and exciting. If you enjoy a good mystery thriller with enough romance thrown in to make you tingle, then this is the book for you.
Check out the trailer to get a real feel for the story and the characters. They are waiting for you in “Riddle”. Step into town and meet them. But be careful, not everyone is what he or she seems to be.
Riddle at Amazon

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