Gypsy Legends: Author Research

  Researching gypsy legends for my new release, Stolen Gypsy, I came across two I found particularly interesting. Both are related to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, but present differing tales of Gypsy involvement.   Gypsies were known as blacksmiths and coppersmiths in earlier times. It has been told that a blacksmith was commissioned to make the nails that would be used to crucify Christ. … Continue reading Gypsy Legends: Author Research

“BAT SHIT CRAZY Review Requests: Email Humor” by Gisela Hausmann

  I’ve been a follower of Amazon Top Reviewer Gisela Hausmann’s “how to” books for a while. Her advice on writing effective e-mails, getting book and product reviews, and more have become a staple in my library. Her latest book, BAT SHIT CRAZY Review Requests: Email Humor, is more than a collection of humorous e-mails. Using humor, Hausmann shows readers what NOT to do when writing … Continue reading “BAT SHIT CRAZY Review Requests: Email Humor” by Gisela Hausmann

“Gems of Freedom” from The Sisterhood

(Gems of Sisterhood Book 3) Available to Pre-Order Release Date June 30th, 2017 “As a tribute to soldiers fighting for freedom all over the world, The Sisterhood brings you a special edition of the Gems of Sisterhood Series. Dedicated to those serving their countries in a military capacity, this book is chock full of stories about soldiers fighting for freedom! Meet Neferure, a true-life historical … Continue reading “Gems of Freedom” from The Sisterhood

Gems of Gratitude- Available Now!

Gems of Gratitude By The Sisterhood Alana Madden—Love’s Fate Chrissy Moon—Sharliss Christie Stratos—Intent Elizabeth Horton-Newton—Chloe’s Dream Jennifer L. Roche—A Ribbon of Rainbows Karen J. Mossman—In Distant Times LG Surgeson—The Tears of Winter Lily Luchesi—Unpunished Markie Madden—Jody’s Tail Publisher’s Note This book is a collection of short stories from authors all over the world. Some of the stories utilize the United Kingdom English spellings, which may … Continue reading Gems of Gratitude- Available Now!